at some point i started skipping most of the dialogues because of how lame plot is
did every sidemission and activies though
still its boring af

It's definitely something good yeah
But Multiplayer is kinda toxic and unbalanced.
Hell, Elder Lemurians and Xi Constructs are also unbalanced no matter what I use to defend myself.

Last game of this trilogy (not including Origins) and its by far the perfected version of everything previous games did. Game aesthetics competes and sometimes personally I think it beats every other superhero game and makes new generation games look stupid with its great gameplay. Story-wise it's not that impressive at all but I still think this game has one of the best Batman storylines whatsoever.
Update: Still trying to complete Riddler challenges and AR Challenges, mad fun

Even though disastrous performance of the PC port I returned back to fully complete the main story and DLC's. Probably my favourite game in the trilogy. Combine all other superhero games together and none of them can be an Arkham game :)

Returned back to it to finish it on Hard Difficulty. Definitely hard to beat on higher difficulties but worth my time returning back to the series to replay once again.

I grew up with Quake and Team Fortress 2 and after some time I decided to move on from this genre becasue newer titles did not feel right to me. Thanks to my friend suggesting and kept asking me if i tried this one out, I finally decided to play it. So far, I realized how much i've missed high-pace fps games and I must say; high-pace fps games such as Overwatch, Doom and Quake Champions are ridiculously bad when compared with this one. Also reminded me that how new titles dumbed-down to be more accessible to a wide audience. Lesson learned here, play this one if you are into this genre it's real good compared to others. But don't be some game's fanboy, they milk you dry..

Too much repetitive races, repeating tracks, boring takeover events without any skill requirements and horrible main story.
Not worth your money or time. Do not buy the full price! Consider EA Play Pro subscription if its deal better for you. At least you can play something else after this game is done.
(Sidenot: They better bring The Blacklist after foreshadowing it with the M3 GTR rescue. They better be! and fix this goddamm repetitive races, its horrible!)

Poor optimization for PC and skill gap in matchmaking, Only worth playing if you have friends with to play.

My opinions are based and I can't help myself otherwise
Over 4k hours still playing.

Started playing around sometime in 2012 after hearing about all the shenanigans about and upcoming shenanigans, this game is impossible to master and annoying.

still my favourite game on steam and always will be

This review contains spoilers

Completed every mission and collectibles as Arthur before saying goodbye to him.
Now it's John's turn to take care of the rest.

I'm not against linear gameplay but come on
Pacing of the story and its gameplay does not interest me much or strikes me as a addictive sort. I feel bored want it end already. Feels like overall scenario needs some more time for revision and things happen so fast and characters can't keep up with it. Not worth playing if this genre does not interest you at all.