An annoying but not wholly unrealistic depiction of cis gay male life and socialization in the early-mid 2000’s. By that I mean, lesbians and women in general are made the laughing stock. Idk, at least everyone uses condoms in this game.

Now THAT’S a bloody video game!!!!! ❤️‍🔥


The core mechanics eventually put me off this in frustration, but I definitely would like to return in the future. Hope to finish the Supergiant canon before Hades II.

One of the cheapest imitations of a Terrence Malick film i’ve encountered. Awful.

I wonder if any devs actually work on these games anymore, or simply code a few additional hairstyles and cleats each year, in addition to roster updates.

What in the fuck is Arkane doing????????

First Madden game I’ve played in ages, it’s fine????? Remarkably shallow and can be fully experienced over the course of a single season. Not much reason to play after that. PC port is def not the best way to experience this. Will EA ever again be involved in making a decent game? Probably not. Humanity ultimately has larger problems…

I hate giving up on games, but I hate sewer levels even more.

Cute, charming, does what it says on the box, and retains the best qualities of the PS2-era LEGO titles I adored so much as a child. The open world of LEGO NYC doesn’t add a whole lot here, but it’s fun to run around and collect characters. This also didn’t need much of its linear story, but it helps with overall “direction” and purpose, I suppose. Most of the boss fights are pretty bad and repetitive, but since they’re so low-stakes where you just watch LEGO bricks explode, it’s still enjoyable to power through. Very easy to get in a quick rhythm once you understand each character archetype and their corresponding powers and abilities. Also great to see a lot of lesser-shown Marvel characters who don’t typically get the spotlight in comics, films, or TV series. Definitely want to try DC Super-Villains next.


A fun, breezy time with intriguing yet simple level design that no doubt would have felt revelatory at launch. I felt it important for me to play this, to better understand the influences of some of the games I love if nothing else. The incredibly lightweight, smooth dynamics of motion make for engaging gameplay. When your primary from of defense is the environment, this is SO helpful. Oh, to be a mid-90s Cybergoth/Punk fucking around with friends in this game for hours, writing our own crude code, blasting NIN, Ministry, and Skinny Puppy! Onto Quake 2.

Decent and intriguing enough plot establishment in this very unfinished game jam product. Always rad to see what folks can conceptualize and bring together over the course of just a few hours (tho I believe some 24-hour - and longer - game jams do exist). Clearly and effectively embedded into the context of the lore and the broader VTM politics, so obviously made by people who have experience with the TTRPG. Even though we only get about an hour of play time here, it intrigued me enough to want to see this built on and fleshed out in the future. Regardless, it’s refreshing as hell to play something set in the White Wolf universe that is NOT a visual novel with quasi-survival mechanics. Since Bloodlines, they have predominantly gone that route and produced a mass of unremarkable games.
Speaking of, each time I see Bloodlines 2 in the GOG store with the subscript of “Coming Soon,” my heart breaks just a little bit more.


Breaking the 4th wall with constant irreverence is different from meaningful textual self-awareness that positively contributes to a work’s comedic and/or ideological value. Monster Prom seems so proud to fundamentally confuse the two. Been striking out with VNs lately, it’s time to take my play elsewhere for a little while.

What the actual fuck ahahahahahaha i’m glad i played it while high. (Sidenote i just rescubscribed to SWTOR so i’m a lil slower with playing other stuff rn sorryyyy)