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Even I wrote a guide, and almost become a GigaChad

i recognize that the visuals are extremely strong, but without the correct driver the game gets a lot scary when you see that the dealer is just The Orb. Of course, I'm not letting that affect my score, that'd be dumb

One of the most fascinating things I've ever experienced

probably the best game ever made? it's up there for sure. absolute masterpiece. i got into this because of my love for these types of rpgs, plus my love for abstract and non-linear storytelling (shoutout 2 david lynch), and it's truly something special. nothing else offers the sense of exploration that this game does. you could interpret this game an infinite number of ways, and that's what makes it good. it's driven by emotions. it doesn't have any dialogue, but it still makes you feel so much. also probably one of my favorite game soundtracks, even if its mostly comprised of loops. i ❤️ yume nikki.

Played this when I was young and it kept me up at night. Not because I was scared about things hopping out of nowhere, but because my mind was reeling about all the images, patterns, music, the ending, and what they could be implying or pointing to.

That's the good shit.

there is a yume nikki shaped imprint on my heart i love this game

Pretty illustrations, memorable characters and beautiful story. The combat is very easy but i don't mind it. Definitely one of the games that i will never forget.

severely deepened my trust issues and murderous intent. sal will become my wife next week

so so cute but dark themes so beware!!!

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