There are so many small improvements in Splatoon 3 compared to Splatoon 2, I honestly believe it justifies its existence as a new game. If you liked Splatoon 1 or 2, you'll like this one as well.
The only thing that got worse is the map design. Maps are so damn boring and same-y here, it's atrocious. I really miss my janky weird Splatoon 1 maps.
Oh and maybe that's only me, but the insane amount of weapons leads to me never trying out the weird ones and just sticking with the standard stuff. Idk, there are so many purely situational weapons here, why should I even use them? But then I feel like I'm also missing out on all the cool weapons, idk, it's weird.
Oh and at this point it's beyond excusable that this game still uses peer 2 peer instead of dedicated servers, wtf Nintendo?!

Reviewed on Mar 17, 2023