I admittedly would never have beaten this without save states. I love the Battletoads but this game was pretty much bullshit because of some of the levels and the fact you can game over and go all the way back to the start is trash especially when the only way to succeed at times is to know what is coming up.

I really love the multiplayer for this game but sadly it is pretty much dead. The story mode to be honest really sucks and was a letdown for almost everyone who came from the PSP version hoping for more of the same. There were many changes to turn the single player focused PSP game into this multiplayer focused arcade game and some of them were for the better and some of them were not. As an arcade game I can say it was a lot of fun, but as a single player game it really fails compared to the PSP games.

I think this game was pretty fun, but the combat does feel a little bit dated and simplistic. It seemed almost silly to try and perform longer attack strings with how aggressive enemies were. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting after hearing so much about God Of War. I expected some more epic boss fights. The story was interesting though and the puzzles were good. Climbing those columns with spinning blades though was torture.

You could certainly tell that this was from the SNES era. Having not played the original I was not so sure on what to expect. By today's standards I don't think you could say this game is great. The plot is pretty generic, the combat is a strange mix of real time but waiting to actually attack. The OST was butchered in this version as well. I still really enjoyed the game despite all of this. It had enough simplicity that it was fun to just run through and play the game without being bogged down by complex systems or the need to grind.

The great sequel to the first game. New creepy enemies and a tad bit more story and effort went into this one. It's still a little rough around the edges but it was great to play on Halloween night.

It's a cheap and jank horror game with a short runtime but enough creepiness and charm to carry that time.

They just don't make Kart racers like this anymore. Tons of characters and stages. Very high skill ceiling and the usual colorful and wacky world of Crash Bandicoot. It's a shame this never got a release on PC or a better online mode. The best kart racer out there though, and yes it is better than Mario Kart.

After playing Scorn I was reading about other atmospheric horror games and reviews on this seemed to be middling, but there was a staunch group of supporters who said that the art is fantastic and that the game is actually not so bad. I played this TRASH and my god it is terrible. Bizarre nonsensical story, terrible weapons, enemies who act like you blew air in their face as you are shooting them with fire or lightning, and still terribly buggy. They were right that the art isn't terrible, certainly dark and depressing. I made my way through this whole thing including restarting a whole level because a door that was supposed to open didn't actually open. My advice is to stay away from this.

This is an interesting little fighting game that uses characters from Gundam, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman series. I really only picked it up because of their presence in the game.
However rather than fighting with the characters themselves they pilot robots/bikes/whatever which you can swap between. The characters all have different moves as is typical for a fighting game, however the basic attacks are based on the robot the character is piloting. I suppose they are called crushers? The game is only in japanese so I'm not really sure of anything in the story.
There's not much to the game to be honest, but I had fun with it in the short time it lasted.