Because in the end the world is a space to solve.
Sometimes with logic, sometimes with perspective, sometimes with force, sometimes by listening.
there is nature, but naturalistic logic is a lie. at least in modern life.
Curiously, puzzling the orientation and twisting the land we walk on -in the shape of a Donut, the industrial shape- the perspective reveals that there were no forests on earth, we made the forests, we imagined the height of that mountain. They suggested us, we accepted.
There are shades between "natural" progression and satisfying progression. we often confuse them.
This is very pessimistic, but I think that what defines us as people is usually the lies and truths that we accept.

Reviewed on Feb 16, 2023

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3 months ago

One of my favourite lines from this one is the meditation on how nausea effects some people but not others and the 'embodiment' as a result. Nausea is a visceral non-negotiable response one that reveal that 'videogames' and players do have a complex relationship with the body (which is often ignored). Really cool to see you gave this one a look :3