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The combat has a lot of problems, too many of the shrines are copypasted tests of strength or gifts, the main "dungeons" leave a lot to be desired, the plot is nothing, but hey it's the only open world game to get me to complete most of its content, so it's doing something right.

As a preface, I am a fan of the zero escape series, and AI 1, even though it's goofy (something I am going to criticize this game for).

Maybe i've just gotten older, or maybe uchikoshi is just out of ideas, but everything past the first half of this game is just a downward spiral into wacky bullshit that just made me roll my eyes. The twists that this game attempts to pull are less twists for an interesting story, but more twists because uchikoshi thinks he needs twists to have a game be popular... Looks like he didn't learn from zero time dilemma.

Do better. I'm really surprised this isn't a more popular opinion.

If you liked this game, i'm glad for you.

A great collection of two amazing games that are really meant to be played back-to-back. These games show what make Ace Attorney such a special franchise. Without a doubt, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has my favorite story of the year, and possibly in the entire AA franchise.

If you've never swam in the ocean of course a pool seems deep.

Yeah it sucks. Played a couple hours of it, then decided to just skip everything for the platinum trophy. It's not worth it. Even if you want to buy this game for the jokes it's not even that entertaining... the writing is just bad and boring.

Also the rhythm minigame gameplay... it has to be the worst rhythm game gameplay that I ever played in my entire life... and the game is aware of that because it lets you skip it entirely lmao



Short little romp through a cyberpunk adventure. Love the scenery throughout the game, and a compelling enough story. I really liked this game, I can see It being a cult classic. My only complaint would be that the later half of the game kinda loses the sprawling feel to it and has less vertically overall. Still, just a nitpick. I highly recommend.



One of the best games of the year for sure. Stray has a different idea from "normal" games, where we control a cat, and by chance (or not) it works surprisingly well. The gameplay itself is very good.

But the most amazing part, in addition to the cyberpunk city conception that is amazing, we have the narrative that is incredibly good and relaxing.

Anyway, I already had high expectations for Stray, but I never imagined that he would compete and strongly enter "my" list of the best games of 2022. Simply incredible.

Decent, but I’m not sure if I’d say this is worth £25 including the PS5 upgrade. 3D audio implementation is worse than just the standard Headphones preset and the haptic feedback is nice but is barely used to that much effect and the adaptive triggers are used for like.. 2 things. One of them being the bow, which I don’t think feels good at all.

Story is okay, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first 2/3 of the main game’s story, I just couldn’t get into Jin as a protagonist at all which made me care about everything happening way less. It’s the same here, except it’s mostly about Jin and doesn’t have the great side characters from the main story… which meant I found it pretty meh. Not bad, just.. not great either. Kinda wish the stakes were higher. Kinda wish the main villain was more interesting. The only character whose story I enjoyed didn’t really have enough time to build any tension, so it ended up falling kinda flat.


I was hoping the final boss fight with The Eagle would be a fight that makes you switch between all 4 stances, as it kinda started off by doing that but with only 2 of them. There’s a cutscene mid way through which ties up the story but then after that you seem to do a lot more damage to her?? Which makes the second half of the fight like 20 seconds long. Kinda anti-climactic.

Eh. Kinda regret buying this.

"I'm sorry Teddie, only people have human rights."
-Naoto Shirogane, February 11th, 2013

And that's why she's best girl.

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