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Pretty big disappointment considering how much praise I see for it, dropping after 5 hours just off of episode 3.
I don't think it was a bad idea to have this open area structure, it really helps selling the whole heist thing but they definitely should have been half as long. As it is it really feels like you're running in circles doing the same things over and over again to get to the different jobs and even those need you to get through the same things most of the time, I'm really missing the tighter level design and variety in environments that was in sly 1.
Having Bentley and Barney be playable help you feel like a proper "band of thieves" and they control a lot better than I was expecting considering how it usually goes with these kinda games, although the areas really feel like they were designed for Sly first at times.
The game also has a lot more combat than the first and I'm kind of confused as to why they went that route because it's really not fun, the boss fights being focused on that really sucked the fun out of them compared to the more platforming focused ones in the first game.

Another absolute must-play coming out of a fan-game community.
Subversion is a super metroid rom hack that is able to stand on its own legs despite retaining a lot of the spirit of the original.
The new map is genuinely impressive, both through sheer scale and world design, with a lot of interlacing parts and areas to explore as you unlock your upgrades (both old and new) and I think the game does some very interesting things with its progression, like splitting up upgrades from previous games into multiple pieces to be able to have a large amount of hidden upgrades and secret areas.
Unlike some of the other 2D metroid games, this one felt very fair, most of it is designed to be intuitive and you never really find yourself shooting at random walls in order to progress, yet it's still inventive and presents some eureka moments which are key to the series.
All of this makes a lot of Subversion's parts feel on par if not better than Super Metroid (and that's already one of the best games of all time), with my only caveats being the progression for the last batch (3 or so items) of upgrades being a bit tedious due to the amount of backtracking required and some underwhelming bosses mostly because they had to be taken out of super metroid.

Really good game despite the abysmal production value.
The star of the show really is the writing here, the humor felt on point and got a nice amount of laughs out of me and I thought it was very reminiscent of Undertale on that side. Story-wise it had some decent plot points as well, I think overall the setting is interesting and unique, but at times it can read a bit like tumblr fan-fiction (which depending on the person doesn't have to be a bad thing, personally I do think it's cute).
Gameplay-wise it's not great but I definitely wouldn't call it bad either, it plays slightly different from most plaftormers by having a bunch of rechargeable jumps and floaty physics on top of a good amount of combat, it's certainly not boring but at times it can feel a little out of control.
Ultimately still had a really enjoyable time with it, I wish the sequel will happen eventually because this is just really sweet and fun.