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Because of my deep love for Bomberman 64, I wanted to play this for years. Sadly, when I eventually did it was a great disappointment. A long, repetitive and frustrating slog that forgot everything great about the first one. At least my boy Regulus delivers.

I don’t play a lot of rom hacks and even I know you can’t do much better than this

Genuinely feels like a brand new banjo kazooie game and might even be longer than the original. Tons of great video game references and Easter eggs all over and seeing all of hyrule contextualized to BK is nothing short of incredible (with the exception of two dungeons)

It’s not perfect though. Kurko really enjoys his climbing challenges and banjo and kazooies moveset can’t always keep up with them, creating a lot of re doing climbs. He’s also got a fascination with the tentacle creature and they get annoying to kill after a while.

Between that and the whole, dying resets your note score thing (not Kurkos fault), making save states before the very rare death feels necessary. This hack is NOT designed to re do note collecting. Worlds are just too big.

On top of that, there are some techniques you’re expected to use with the backside egg move that just don’t feel good or intuitive to pull off. All of these complaints constitute less than 10% of the game but sadly to beat the game you’re gonna need to do at LEAST some of them.

Finally while Kakariko, Lake Hylia and ESPECIALLY the forest temple are wonderful levels….zoras domain, death mountain and (to a lesser degree) gerudo fortress aren’t as good, often too linear in design for their own good or relying too much on climbing and cryptic challenges.

That said this whole experience is still so amazing and complete that really any BK fan should play it. SUPER excited for Nostalgia 64. I officially care about rom hacks again. Thanks Kurko!

a shitty way to play 1 really good game and 1 poorly aged game

this game is hard as balls and i just threw the balls and broke the crystal ball and never made it to the boss

This isn't a review I just want to say sorry for anything I have ever wrote in my reviews. I was very tired and did all of them in about the span of 5 hours and reading them now I have zero clue what the fuck any of them mean. Holy shit I fucking love glover

Slowly but surely Zemuria is becoming one of my favorite worlds to be a part of.

Zero doesn’t hit the same highs as the sky trilogy, but that’s because it’s really only half a story. It’s clearly not done and while that can make the experience drag from time to time, often lacking interesting conflict, some good character moments and a wonderful conclusion to a plot line from the sky trilogy lead the experience to be just as meaningful and I’m just as here for it.

The combat hasn’t changed much which I’ve always found to be just…fine, but magics a bit stronger this time in a more meaningful way and doing side quests is still really fun

Of course if you’re trying to get all the missables in this game without a guide then this game is terrible. One of the meanest games ever. Actively doesn’t want you to find side quests and story books -67/10

Anyways see ya in Azure

P.S always examine chests twice. This is mandatory

That’a a damn fine game. Alucard is like a 9/10 character to play as, the enemies’ behavior and art rule, the castle beats out the map design of many modern ’vanias, the numerous bosses were fun, and jeez I just really loved playing this. No wonder it co-spawned a genre.

Now here’s the best part. By the end, at my absolute strongest and with more health than I ever had before, I never felt totally invincible. There were still fun challenges! That’s the hallmark of a well paced game, where the power is doled out in nicely portioned morsels.

[ENG] This is an absolute gem of a game; artistically, it's one of the best I've ever seen. It's very simple, but to get the true ending, you're forced to replay the levels to obtain the unlockables (which I'll do later).

Practically a 10, that's where it'll go next time I play it.

[ESP] Esto ya es un pepinazo de juego, a nivel artístico es de lo mejor que he visto nunca. Es muy sencillito, pero para sacar el final verdadero te obliga a jugar las pantallas otra vez para obtener los desbloqueables (cosa que haré más adelante).

Prácticamente de 10, ahí se irá la próxima vez que lo pase.

Top tier track: Ripple Field 2

[ENG] There's not much to say about this game that hasn't already been said. It won't be my favorite metroidvania because I prefer those with more of an RPG component like Castlevania, but damn... it's understandable why it drives so many people crazy.

It took me quite some time to finally get into it after so many years and many attempts where I left it halfway through, but this time was the charm. The music is a delight; it brought back a lot of nostalgia with its composition style, it's wonderful. An unequivocal masterpiece.

[ESP] No hay mucho que decir de este juego que no se haya dicho ya, no será mi metroidvania favorito porque a mí me gustan los que tienen un componente más RPG como los Castlevania, pero joder... se entiende que vuelva loco a tanta gente.

Lo mío me ha costado que me haya hecho click después de tantos años y muchos intentos por pasarlo dejándolo a la mitad en muchas ocasiones, pero esta fue la definitiva. La música es una gozada, me ha dado mucha nostalgia la forma en la que está compuesta, es maravillosa. Obra maestra sin paliativos.

Top tier track: City of Tears