Fun zombie looter brawler with fantastic graphics and addictive gameplay. The various maps you go through shine with personality and the weapons you can craft and the skills you unlock allow for some creative ways to take on the zombie horde. there’s nothing unique about the game but it’s really well polished and well worth going through.

You play as the last human worker in an Amazon-like warehouse in a dystopian future where all the other workers have been replaced by robots.
The base mechanics behind the day to day routine is fun, it’s basically “Papers please” with package inspections instead of passports, and the cell shaded cartoony graphics are nice and crisp. For a narrative driven game though, it’s such a shame that the worst part of the package is the story. It’s not only very predictable but it’s also not very well told so some of the story beats just don’t make sense at all or don’t hit the way they should. It’s a shame as the voice acting is top notch, the material they have to work with just isn’t good enough.
On top of that the second half of the game relies on being able to use fiddly mechanics in bad stealth sections and with time limits. This is the first PS VR2 game that has made me swear out loud and wanting to throw my controllers across the room after failing some of these sections 10 times in a row. It’s a shame as there is a lot to like about The Last Worker, it just needed a few more gameplay ideas and a second pass at the story.

Amazing showpiece for the PS VR2. The graphics and sense of scale as you climb massive mountains is just spectacular. I thought the climbing would get old quick but you unlock a lot of cool traversal mechanics and there are quite a few inventive set pieces. The combat is the weak point in the game, it’s not terrible but it’s not as fun or exciting as it could be. overall though I really enjoyed it.

When the IOS version was announced, I just knew I had to play through this again. It’s still just as addictive on IOS and the gameplay is perfectly suited to touchscreen. I did find it easier on iPad than iPhone as your finger could get in the way during hectic scenes on the smaller screen. I just wish the game had IOS cloud saves so my save file would carry over from iPhone to iPad but that’s the only criticism I have.

An unexpected delight. I was looking forward to a marvel tale on Xcom, I did not expect a mix of Persona 5 social links and Slay the spire quality card battles. I really enjoyed the downtime in this game, joining a book club with Blade, Cap, wolverine and captain Marvel discussing actual books or taking Spidey on a picnic. Brilliant game, I can’t wait for the DLC characters.

I'd heard good things about this game but I didn't expect it to be so funny and with so many new ideas thrown at you relentlessly until the game ends. It was so good I finished it in 1 sitting. The couch multiplayer deathwatch mode was also a wonderful surprise that my son and I will be playing for a long while I feel.

It took me a long time to finish Ragnarok, I kept switching to other games and having to force myself to complete it and that in itself is telling. I love the graphics, the combat and the characters but the game can be quite a slog at times, the pacing is all over the place.

This was one of my favourite puzzle games on the original PlayStation and thanks to the rewind feature on the Playstation classics collection, I was finally able to beat it. Even after all these years, it remains a very unique game with an unrivalled oppressing atmosphere that keeps you anxious the whole way through.

I enjoyed the 4 protagonists and their different playstyles. I do wish the main storyline was more exciting. The introduction of the Court of Owls is great but then it doesn't really go anywhere and I could see the ending twist a mile away. The combat also got really repetitive really quickly as each character just doesn't have a large enough moveset So you rely on the same combos 90% of the time. It's a shame as if the gameplay had been better, the loop of going on night runs could have been addictive but as it stands it gets really boring after a while.

I finally finished GoW in time for Ragnarok. I enjoyed the combat and the story but hated the puzzles, they just slow down the pacing too much. There were quite a few weird plot holes but overall it told a good story with enough threads hanging that I can’t wait to see what Ragnarok does with it.

The first three chapters of the game were fun but disappointing in their scope, they were limited to a few rooms only and made up mostly of fetch quests but then Chapter 4 starts and the game turns into an absolute masterpiece. It reminded me so much of Monkey Island 2 once the world opened up and you could go to all the different islands. The ending was great as well and made me tear up a bit.

fter watching the Action Button review of this I had to see if a Fan translation was available and it was! This is the original dating sim from the early 90s and after my first few minutes of play I thought it hadn’t aged well but I was so wrong. The simple mechanics have so much depth under the hood it’s crazy. There are so many unique events tied to so many different interactions that you only ever experience a sliver of what the game has to offer in any single playthrough.

This DLC was a lot meatier than I expected and the main story was really interesting and the new characters well written. It was fun to play as Kaito with his more brutal style of combat.

really loved the first half of the game but it’s way too long and gets far too hard by the end. It stops being fun when it takes me over 100 lives to complete 1 level… true story.

After seeing the middling reviews on release, I’d held out on playing this game and I was pleasantly surprised when I actually really enjoyed it. It’s nothing groundbreaking but the story is intriguing enough and I loved the art style. I was so hooked I pretty much finished it in one sitting. The ending and what the game is trying to say about depression is really bad though, I hope they were just dumb and didn’t realise what they were implying because the alternative is horrifying. The gameplay is nothing to write home about, it’s basically simple versions of the resident evil puzzles with some interesting uses of the 2 dimensions. The only annoyance we’re the stealth sections running away from the monsters. These weren’t really necessary and added nothing to the experience.