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Sep 23

7 Days to End with You
7 Days to End with You

Sep 18

Chants of Sennaar
Chants of Sennaar

Sep 17

The Case of the Golden Idol
The Case of the Golden Idol

Sep 10

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Aug 27

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Chants of Sennaar got me on a little cosntructed language kick so I plowed through this one over night. The core idea to have a single character who relays the language to you and wishes you to help learn it is pretty incredible. The execution is... poor to say the least.
The language itself is, and I'm sorry to say this, lame as shit. I don't even mind that vocabulary (huge spoilers!) basically being encoded English, but there's just no consistent rules to grab on to, like the ways plurals are constructed, differences between verbs and nouns, tenses, word order, nothing! The grug speak comments are fully warranted here.
The other fault of the game is that it uses language as purely descriptive tool. You'd think that it'll utilize the strength of the medium and let you engage in conversations of some manner with your virtual friend. But no, your primary way of learning is to point at items in the house and make your oomfie espouse the descriptions. You can have the same experience in your own house with google lens set to Dutch, it's just so cursory and boring.
There are glints of cool environmental storytelling, and the "hidden twist" would be awesome in a game with actual structure, if there was an emphasis on emotional bond you create by overcoming linguistic hurdles. But as things stand, 7 Days is such a waste of a great concept.

Was going to ding a star for superfluous stealth sections, but the final stretch made it all come together so well, I'm genuinely left in awe here. Going to tell my kids this was duolingo.