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A beautiful game.. and love the traversal system ( especially the manipulation of gravity section )

It was obvious it would be this boring when they started throwing out "Your choices will affect the world" maybe a little yeah but it's so insignificant who cares. Modern games could never capture what a basic RPG or imsim did in the early 2000s ☠️

This is the game that made me fall in love with the franchise. The vibe of this entry is just so creepy and I personally like it far more than RE2. The first person viewpoint made it feel far more claustrophobic. The story was intriguing and reminded me of the film The Empty Man. Highly recommend for anyone new to the franchise.

Amazing atmosphere and sound design; the visual style and the minimalism of the gameplay and UI really brings out everything this game's going for. The game really FEELS like the abandoned remains of an old adventure game with an MMO flavor. The reveals in each successive ending really ties the whole experience together and I really recommend it if you like minimalist, experimental stuff.

1. average story
2. nice puzzles
3. interesting combat
4. nice soundtrack
5. didnt like the pitch voice
6. annoying stutter
7. love the ROR
8. didnt like the loots
solved a puzzle just to get spectacles in a cave full of spiders( breaks the immersion a bit)
but overall beautiful and fun to play

Stole GOTY from Bloodborne.

geralt of snoozeria. hate looking at this guy, hate hearing him talk

The Witcher 3 was a game I had high expectations for, I've heard nothing but praise for it over the years and I was very excited to see what all the hype was about, yet when I played it I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed with what was presented.
Whilst the game is always praised for its story, I couldn't help but find it was very meandering with its many, many sidequests and immediately splitting storylines, and because of this I never felt an urgency to do anything as it wasn't interesting me to see what happened. The storyline also wasn't helped with the fact that I found many of the characters weren't interesting and just felt cliché, which isn't always a bad thing as you can do interesting stuff with clichés, but unfortunately nothing was done with them to make me care. I will admit there are some characters, such as Geralt and The Bloody Baron, who feel layered and are more than just their character archetypes and made their storylines a bit more intriguing, but every other character I came across seemed like I was supposed to like them cause the game wants you to, rather than because I actually enjoy seeing them whilst playing.
Whilst I didn't enjoy most of the game, I did find that The Witcher 3's world and setting was very awesome and expansive, with the mythical elements adding a sense of wonder to the game. The combat was alright too most of the time and found fighting was satisfying once I learnt Geralt's magic signs, but overall it didn't really add much and I felt that it wasn't very necessary, as in my playthrough I only got into a few fights when I wasn't seeking them out myself.
Overall, The Witcher 3 was just average to me, which is annoying to say as I was expecting to enjoy it, but after playing it a for a decent amount of time it unfortunately never clicked with me and decided it wasn't worthing playing through another 50 hours of a game I was barely enjoying just so that I could say I'd completed it. I'd like to say one day I'll come back and try it again, but considering all the games I'd rather continue that I've given up on, it seems unlikely that I'll ever finish this massive game.

I would love to play more of this, but I don't know where my Wii U gamepad is and haven't for months. :(
Technically, I own this on PC. But I ADORE controller gimmicks, and the Wii U port of Human Revolution surprisingly delivers in that department. Granted, it's apparent that the game wasn't designed around the Wii U gamepad, and it's not necessary to play through the game. But the inclusion of your map, inventory screen, hacking interface, and so on on a second screen is something that's irresistible to me. There's also a strategy guide built-in. I don't care if you don't need it; that's fucking RAD.
But yeah, anyway, it's a pretty good game.

Not my thing so far, but I've said that about a lot of things, and I love immersive sims. So maybe I'll pick this up again someday? I dunno.