8/10. I had alot of fun playing this game and didn’t think I’d enjoy it at first. My only real problems were the third trial I think it sucked everything else was cool though

I genuinely love the souls series but sometimes I wish I could prevent it from gaining traction so we wouldn’t be plagued with these extremely bland soulless difficulty reliant games with absolutely none of the charm that series has

As someone who grew up playing turtles in time with my dad with my dad it felt amazing to play this with my much younger brothers and pass down the tmnt beat ‘em up magic onto them

I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun playing a game. The music and art style blew me away but I had the game crash on cutscenes that were very important to the story and the combat / boss battles actually suck. Those things don’t ruin it for me though

I miss the era where games weren’t too ambitious or costly for their own good so you could get cool experiments like this with clear passion put into them. Finishing an opponent on round two for a “TARGET DESTROYED” is awesome

Unlike the other two that I played mostly for the experience I can definitely see myself playing more of this in the future I love this game so much. It feels like the definitive Darkstalkers experience plus any game with Lilith is a good game by default

Rating : 8/10. An enhanced version of the original Darkstalkers a year after it released akin to something like a street fighter 2 turbo. The roster receiving 4 new characters which was already incredibly distinct makes this a definitive version of the first game to play.

Rating : 6.5/10. Hotline Miami is a fun game with admittedly addictive gameplay unfortunately many times during the game I encountered bugs like not being able to complete levels because of enemies spawning out of bounds (commonly happened in levels with multiple elevating floors) which would require me to restart them all the way from the beginning. Two other very glaring issues I had were enemies instantly killing you out of view after standing in their range for half a second and also how melee weapons snap a lot of the difficulty in half. I still had fun but I don’t understand the glowing praise this game gets it didn’t do anything to particularly stand out in my mind

Rating : 7/10 A very beautiful game with a smooth distinct style. Every character here feels memorable and unique and the spire work is masterful. The Brazil stage had me in complete awe when I first saw it what a spectacle the backgrounds in this game are. The game can be difficult at times especially for a casual level fighting game player like myself but finally beating pyron was extremely gratifying

Get a group of 3-4 people with a basic knowledge of dragon ball and casual fighting game experience and this basically becomes a party game

As much as the “it really makes you FEEL like ___” trope has been done to death in superhero game reviews I really felt like Spider-Man here. The quick and smooth combat, suits with sometimes deep comic connection , story that actually had stakes (which with the way they’ve been handling peters Spider-Man in the comics is extremely rare nowadays) and awesome story set pieces i had a great time here. It sometimes felt like a movie instead of a game at times with how investing it is. I will say though stealth gameplay was very clunky and when you have to play as miles and Mj it drags even though it’s not entirely bad

A lot of childhood sentimental value here. I love the gameplay and how emotive the sprite work is along with all the cute references to other capcom works. It always makes me smile to see chun li turn into Jill valentine mid combo and whip out a rocket launcher. I’ve never really been a fighting game guy but this is sweet

Rating : (6.5/10) No more heroes 2 has to be one of the most lackluster sequels I’ve ever played. I believe the only leg up this has over the original is the snappiness of combat and the amazing soundtrack here. The charmless fast travel only mini map , somehow more boring part time jobs , and the ruination of all of Travis’ development at the end of nmh 1 by making him into a walking trope makes this game feel like a step back. I often hear people say the story in this game isn’t meant to be taken seriously but if that’s the case I don’t think it makes much sense to have it be a revenge plot to avenge an already irrelevant character. Sometimes it felt like more of a chore than a game in the gameplay department as well because we’ve somehow taken a step back from the level design of the original which already wasn’t all too fun to just kill room after kill room .

7/10 Such a lovable mess of a game . I loved the setting and cell shaded comic book art style. It feels like something you’d wake up to randomly while adult swim is on. I will say I wasn’t really a fan of the boss fights. The ones I enjoyed were Holly , Shinobu , and Harvey and while most others were ok I think bad girl’s is just plain bad with all the waiting between her cycles of invincibility and spawning enemies. Again this game is fun and definitely playable but at the same time I don’t want to ever replay it for some odd reason I can’t pinpoint. Absolutely nothing about it feels like it’ll make me want to come back

A solid 7.5-8/10 in my book. I feel like it really removed all the issues I had with the previous game but there are some issues. The biggest issue I had is something that ruined my attachment to the story. The memory system is back but they tell a linear story though flashbacks instead of them being mostly self contained like the original but in this game I had a death scene ruined for me because I apparently didn’t find the glyphs in the right order. Scattering random bits of a story around the map in an open world game that has twists to it is just asking for it to be viewed incorrectly. An issue did persist from botw in my opinion and that’s the content bloat. People often praise this game for how much you can do but I have a hard time finding enjoyment out of a lot of it especially the new underground which feels very rushed. There aren’t really many glaring / game ruining negatives here for me and I do wonder where the series is going next but I do worry that the open world style of Zelda could get very stale