It's a fine diversion for a few hours but lacks anything interesting. It's a twin-stick shooter that doesn't dare do anything that entertaining.

Never thought I was into stealth tactics games, but this one changed my mind. Captivating gameplay that will suck you in for hours. Full of content and things to do and has a nice old-west story too. Difficult as hell, but in the best way possible.

Seriously underrated game. Many liken it to Twisted Metal, but it takes more from Crimson Skies than it does that game. Combat is extremely well done and the mission variety is perfectly done. The lack of animated cutscenes is the only major bummer.

Chapter One: Fun way to bring point and click elements to SoT
Chapter: Overly long and tedious

Has nothing interesting to say, but tries its best to act like it does.

Really enjoyed the aesthetic, story , and adventure style gameplay of this one. One of the few games that I've played where the humor is actually somewhat funny. I'd actually rate this higher but I had four achievements not pop up while I was playing when they should have which is annoying as hell when going for 100%.

I was hoping that this would be the stand out swan song of the franchise, but still has some issues while still being a fun ride. I'm glad that the weapon wheel is back and shooting feels better than ever. I think level design is a bit lackluster with a lot them being a shooting hordes from one location affair. Definitely leaning into using the move for gameplay. Still though its a fun adventure and a nice shooter to sit back and blast some enemies as you roll along.

Plays great on the PSP, I honestly don't mind the controls, but I think that's just years of playing psp games acclimating me. Fun story and has a main character that's actually fun to listen to. Unironically better than Resistance 1 or 2 and those are still good games.

A solid shooting galley with a decent story full of fun western clichés. The duels are absolute dog shit though.

Going into Resistance 2, I had high expectations that it would surpass its predecessor, but while it may not have exceeded my expectations, it certainly did not disappoint. The gameplay has been noticeably enhanced with a more modern feel, and the addition of health regeneration is a welcomed improvement. However, I did notice a shift in the tone of the game, with less emphasis on horror and tension and more focus on waves of enemies. That being said, the different locales are visually stunning and the game is a joy to play. While I do miss the weapon wheel from the previous game, which allowed for more creative solutions to combat, Resistance 2 is still an exceptional first-person shooter. Overall, while it may feel a bit generic at times, Resistance 2 is a great-looking and highly enjoyable game.

Exactly what you want out of a puzzle game, simple and addictive.

Just a fairly mediocre racing game. It looks nice, but that's because the cars are pretty much all palette swaps of the same nice model. Its overly easy and bit floaty too. The use of the rumble feature is nice and some courses are cool to drive, but there really are not a lot of courses. The championship mode is also extremely padded with long laps. Jus not a worthwhile experience from an era of excellent racing titles.

A solid looking PS3 launch title, even though the sepia tone look is a bit off putting. Story is a little boring, but the world building is nice. The thing that elevates this is the gameplay. Excellent mid 2000's shooter before COD4/Halo 3would completely change the game. Shooting feels great and the level design is nice. I was surprised how much fun I was having here. It has aged obviously but I found it to still be a worthwhile experience for anyone who just likes killing a bunch of aliens.

Surprisingly fleshed out and evolving story, with a great look to it too. Its final notes are quite dark which I can appreciate. Its point and click sections are fairly easy and the environments are nice to explore. the only thing holding it back really is that there is unnecessary combat that is poorly implemented. Luckily its not overdone to the point of ruining the game.

The best looking Kirby so far in the franchise and plays extremely well. Lots to do and its super short and sweet. Solid Kirby title, a definite must play. I wouldn't say its my favorite, I think I like adventure more due to liking the feel of a whole experience, but its a great entry none the less.