Me: I want The Binding Of Isaac!

Mom: We have The Binding Of Isaac at home!

The Binding Of Isaac at home:

I joke, but it's pretty much a roguelike game, but less so. It feels very repetitive too quickly. The town-building part of the game was honestly pretty cool and neat, but I wish the gameplay part for the crusades was more involved.

Was almost a 6/10 but then I found myself playing for well more past the point where I got everything. Unironically more fun than Mario Strikers Battle League.

This game is definitely fun and it does have its moments. The combat in the game is fun (most of the time), the graphics are nice despite it being nearly 10 years later, the story is pretty good, and the songs are pretty damn good (under certain conditions), and it did the "War is bad because you're killing innocent lives" things better than Spec Ops The Line ever could wish to accomplish...

Oh yeah, those parentheses...let's talk about them. First off, the act of slicing your enemies into a red powder mist is amazing and graphically impressive. However, combat is held back by two big problems; first off being the camera, which is easy to explain. When I'm trying to run around an enemy, I would like to know if there is another enemy or hazard I have to look out for. However, the second and more glaring issue is the parry system. You're supposed to attack while aiming your control stick in the direction of the enemy you want to parry. This can work, but it's more of a 70/30 split of it deciding if it will work or not, and in intense combat scenarios, they're more annoying than you think, ESPECIALLY with Monsoon and Jetstream Sam. I think just giving the parry its own move, like how The Wonderful 101 did it in the future, is better IMO.

The second part I would like to discuss is the music. Now, I would be a fool to say the music isn't good, but when you're trying to replay a certain boss over and over again and you hear the same song over and over, that's when it becomes an issue. Of course, this is more of a player issue on my part, but still, sometimes the screaming metal music can be grating on your ears, especially if the songs are bunched up against one another. They're good isolated but together is another story.

Also, why the heck is this game trying to give us stealth sessions when the game also wants us to slice everyone in half and than some?!?

Still, this is an easy 7/10 from me, and I can see myself playing this again in the future. It was almost an 8/10, but there were a couple faults that held the game back in my eyes.

Literally just Mario Kart 8, but with more bells and whistles to play with by including the DLC courses and characters and dual item box. All the characters were unlocked, so it was only me deciding out of nowhere to beat all the tracks in the base game before the DLC that I was able to make it to the credits. It's still a very fun game and definitely a must-have in Switch libraries, but it just may be a bit of a harder sell for all the Wii U owners.


Turns out being a cute cat in a cute vest can only go so far. I don't regret playing it; I'm happy I can finally join in on the conversations with this game, but overall I just felt like the gameplay was lackluster. There was an interesting bit where you could fight back using a light, but that was soon taken away. The game wants so desperately to stick with the idea that it's a cat that it comes off as alienating to those that are here for the gameplay. It feels too automated at times for its own good, with the phrase "cat walking simulator" being extremely fitting for a good part of the game.

That said, it's still fun. The characters and Slum location are pretty interesting, even if the Slums are hard to track around at times. The story is curious enough, and sometimes the cat gimmick works. I know it's not a common take, but if this was just another human game, everyone would ignore it, and I wouldn't blame them. It's definitely worth at least one walkthrough, but aside from that, I don't see myself trekking through here.

Definitely an improvement over NASB. But now with that gross in-game shop, I decided to bite my teeth and say "know what? I think I'm good." The fact they're going this far with the Super Shaggy meme is admirable in it's own weird way.

Actually got around to beating the entire thing. It definitely wasn't that bad, but trying to do the single-player mode showed me just how repetitive this game can be.

A nice, cute, and charming game about brutally mutilating your partner in order to help a hamster cross a gap. It's way too easy to accidentally restart a level when it comes to pushing a certain button on the stage to restart it, but it's still easy game that is able to get your brain thinking when it comes time to use it.

It's so bare bones I can see the code in the game itself.

Yeah, I replayed this game well over a year after my first time through. I really thought I was just crazy for liking it before. Maybe it was just the new game feel driving me, or perhaps a desire to be different. Surely a game rated this low can't be good in my eyes, right? Maybe another playthrough would let me see the problems in the game, I thought...

Nope, I genuinely just like this adorable, charming, and fun little game. I like the art style, the music, the cutscenes, and I even like using the costumes and seeing how I can break the game with them, and seeing the game reward me for breaking it. It's an easy 7/10 from me, but I know it's just my preference.

The Balan Bouts and Minigames still suck though.

Played via the Reverie Collection. I honestly prefer the original by a fair bit. The sequel definitely has better-set pieces, music, and graphics, but gameplay-wise, the original Klonoa felt tighter. The board segments were ok, but the expanded uses of the wind bullet really started to grind my gears, especially that one where you have to shoot the enemy at other enemies so that their color can change to match the color you need. Aiming also feels a bit more unreliable this time around. The bullet just feels too short and too unreliable here unless I'm literally up next to what I want to use the bullet on. Klonoa slipping after I let go of the run button caused me more than my fair share of deaths. And dear god, Volkan Inferno. I'm not ashamed that this was the point in the game I decided to switch over to the Easy mode, not only so I wouldn't keep dying to that stupid chase scene, but so my bullet range will actually feel a bit better.

That said, the game is still good fun. The platforming is still nice to do, and the story and characters are charming as always. The music and graphics are also pretty good. The gameplay really is what's holding this game back in my opinion.

What a cute little game. Surely nothing can go wron-

Vision 4-2 Happens

...Holy shit. But that's the worst, ri-

Final Vision Happens

..Damn. But now I gotta ask...

Where does the Extra Vision fit in the continuity?

Definitely a fun and respectable time, but with the latest microtransaction stuff making Fortnite laugh and blush I had to knock it down a bit.

This game only takes like 2 or 3 hours, but it felt like 6 without even getting halfway through the game.

Yeah, this was a pretty good DLC. The music is better and the bosses were definitely a step up in terms of visual flair. The king's challenges were brilliant. Definitely a worthy addition for only $7. Personal favorites in this game were the Dogfight and the Moonshiners. Some attacks still seem like they were meant to screw you over, like those geese crossing signs and the ant girl being where you need to go, but still, it was a blast!