This review contains spoilers

One of the most interesting mechanics is the gender dysphoria one. Its near impossible to give the player anthing close to the abstract discomfort of gender dysphoria, but i think the effect of gender dysphoria: discomfort and a difficulty existing in the world is well represented by the wavy screen distortion and text scrambling. Though it doesnt really touch on depression, which i think is a major element of gender dysphoria and the way in which its bypassed with just a pill is fine for what the game is (infact it works well with the rest of the game) but it still feels like a missed opportunity to go a step further.
The game has pacing issues. Letting the player take the game at their own pace might have been a mistake. Theres too little to do, which is ironic for a game where theres technically something to do every 5 steps. Just throwing away trash isn't interesting enough. There had to be more meat. Having said that, boredom isn't necessarily a bad thing. Making the objectives easier to complete might have been nice so the game doesnt take quite so long. idk. I gave up on beating the game's 4th quest.
Navigation is probably my biggest complaint. The city feels like its designed to turn in on itself. I keep finding myself going in circles. as someone with poor navigation skills, and a poor visual memory. Everything but returning home (which is well sign posted) was an uphill struggle. Not only is navigation bad, but guiding the player through exactly what they need to do isnt great either. its not bad but i would have liked to understand how the money earning works or why i should care about luck
The strengths of the game are definitely in the background character design, and the sound design. I love the cat noises and the music that plays at festivals. Everything is so charming and colourful and cute.
The game does a really great job of selling the idea that you're actually on a spaceport for adventurers who do actually come through here and go on adventurs you can only dream of.

Endlessly relatable characters, a light hearted breezy romance plot. It has the same comfortable feeling you get from a sitcom

I don't know how to talk about this game without revealing too much of myself.

Having only played three dragon quest games, I think i can conclusivly say that Dragon Quest 9 is the best in the series.
I love the villains in this game. It has so many moments that I remember years on

One of the greatest games ever. It has a frog in it. and he's a detective. and if you are so bold as to want even more than that, you'd STILL be in luck. Witty writing (you will audibly chuckle), charming characters, and cutsey visuals