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One of the best games I've ever played.

Truly a masterpiece. Combat is really fun and rewards creative thinking - even after playing the whole game (over 110 hours!) I think I only scratched the surface on the kind of play that's possible in this game. The story is compelling and full of genuinely difficult choices. I wasn't entirely satisfied with all the features of my ending, and I think that's a sign of the choices and compromises I had to make along the way. A special game that I'm already looking forward to playing again.

Best tactical RPG dnd like game ever

the best FPS and there's no contest

The best FPS game ever created and there's no competition.

Actually nothing like it. One of the greatest games I've ever played. Used to play the multiplayer with my sister all the time.

it's like the stars aligned just for this exist

Amazing, love the redesigns of specifically Ahri and Miss Fortune. Gameplay is satisfying, amazing animation. Braum is best boy <3

Shut the fuck up losers the ending was fine.

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