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What a fantastic little metroidvania!
And boy I do mean little, going for 100% on my first play through took a little more than 3 hours, but what a fun 3 hours it was! Everything including the collectibles, movement, enemy variety, and music was absolutely awesome. While not a huge fan over the art style, the collectible palettes that let you change the the games two-toned colors to a different variety were an awesome and welcoming touch!
Though not many, the boss fights were very well designed but not difficult as long as you took time to learn the patterns, and varied greatly!
This game reminds me so much of Metroid: Zero Mission, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took inspiration from that game. The sections where you must go without your mech is so similar to the zero suit section from that game, and though frustrating at some points, left me with a smile on my face.
The only downside to this game besides it being so short is the ending, which goes so quickly I was wondering if there were multiple endings and I somehow got the bad one. Even so, what can I expect from a game where you are a saw cat who is controlling a mech suit?
I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes metroidvanias, anyone who wants to get into them, and really anyone that enjoys 2D platformers!

I’m so disappointed that I spent a gift card on this game. The only reason it is getting more than a one star is because the art and music are pretty good. That’s the only good things I can say about this game.
The negatives vastly outweigh these things. Frame rate issues, boring gameplay, infuriating movement and controls, and the fact that this game is 15 dollars are just a few major issues for me.
The thing that made me most mad about the entire game is that the coolest section, or what would’ve been the coolest section, is just an auto scrolling chase sequence in which you have literally no control. It would’ve been fun to escape yourself during this section, but instead you just watch it happen, and it sucks.
I don’t recommend anyone buy this game unless it’s price is heavily discounted to 3 dollars or less.