This review contains spoilers

This game was one of my most anticipated games when I was younger. I remember my entire friend group being infactuated with the Last of Us, because it was so damn good. The second game, however, fell short on my expectations and I will not put it above the first. I won't lie, the game has some amazing moments. When an enemy sneaks up on you while you are at the workbench (still don't know how that works) or when you find out Tommy is the sniper (really cool plot twist). However, the idea that you HAVE to like Abby and you HAVE to play as Abby is just not my cup of tea. I get what they were going for, the player being conflicted and going "wow this is so hard, what a great story!" However in practice a player does not want to play as a character they do not like and they certainly do not want to hear their story either. The way that Joel was portayed so warmly in the beginning shows his growth from the cold, wary man he was in the first. His brutal death and slander is, quite honestly, disrespectful to his character. Maybe if he was put off to be killed until the end, so we wouldn't have to play as the bitch who killed Joel for the entire half of the game it would have worked better.

Look, The game just feels and plays like a total separate title from the first. The Last of Us 1 was a dark take on the classic hero's journey, showing the character development and bond of Joel and Ellie. Everything made sense, and Joel was an actual smart character. When he and Ellie are driving and some guy pops up asking for help, he sees right through their trap and drives off. Sure, it does not work, but they would have died instantly if they had tried to lend a hand. In the second game, Joel helps a random woman (Abby) and instantly goes to her group without question. Literally, with like less than ten lines of dialogue between them. Once there, he can't sense the obviously growing doom in the air and tells them HIS NAME??? God, I get that he grew a bit soft and warm in the second game, but Jesus, he did not have to turn into a total idiot! Then we are forced to play through the eyes of Abby, the daughter of the doctor Joel kills in the end of the first game when saving Ellie. The game tries to make us feel bad for liking Joel, when we just witnessed Abby beat a human's head in with a fucking golf club. Lets not forget when they tried to guilt trip us after killing a dog. This game feels like a twisted revenge story fan fic that has barely any corelation to the first game. They should have just used this idea on something else. It would have been so much better. Ultimately, Naughty Dog uses a beloved childhood title to tell a wannabe philosophical and nihilistic view about "nobody is truly good in the zombie apocalypse" as if that is not obvious enough. After all that, THE WALKING DEAD TELL TALE GAME BETTER 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

Reviewed on Oct 22, 2023