Even before I played this game, I always thought it was kind of ugly. Way too much clutter on screen, a lot of things placed in ways that look like little billy got a hold of debug mode and went wild.

When it comes to the whole gimmick of the game, the time travel, it feels underutilised. The only thing you can really do with it is go to the past, find a machine, destroy it and then the future version becomes a "good future". The problem with this is that it involves multiple steps:
1. Find a past time post
2. Get enough momentum to time travel
3. Look all over the stage and find the machine
4. Find a future time post to get back to the present
5. Get enough momentum to time travel
6. Find ANOTHER future time post to get back to the future
7. Congrats, after probably going back and forth in the level multiple times, you can enjoy your enemy-free future. For about all of the 2 minutes it takes to even complete a stage (and that's if you were at the very start).

It's just so much effort when the literal only non-aesthetic difference is being able to play the level with no enemies, despite it being harder to get to that point than just running through a level normally.

You COULD just be doing it to 100% the game, but you can get the good ending just by collecting all the time stones from bonus stages, which is way faster (and once you have all 7, you can go to the good future of any level straight away).

Also all the stages seemed metal/robot themed to varying degrees, which combined with having 4 aesthetic versions of each stage, left most stages with little identity, just bleeding into the next metal-themed stage.

Bosses are definitely interesting. You don't even directly fight most of them. But also half of them don't even feel like bosses so much as they feel like platform sections with Robotnik watching you.

Having said all this, it's still pretty fun to play. It's just that its whole entire gimmick feels pointless, and levels need more variety.

Reviewed on Jun 23, 2022