Poppy Playtime and it's consequences have been a disaster for indie horror.

Played with a friend and it was chaotic.

Incredibly fun mod, especially once you get all the upgrades for your beam cannon.

Easiest mega man game I've played so far, also has the worst music I've heard in any mega man game.

Unfairly difficult and annoying at some parts (i still hate Gutsman's stage), but still a good start for the series.

I play this game near the end of every year as some sort of year ending tradition, mainly because it's one of the first video games i played as a kid.
For a Mario platformer, it's ok and it has some really good music. The only problem i have is how Mario controls, like he sometimes loses momentum in the air, making jumps harder than they should be.

They added Doom Guy as a skin. Instant 10/10

This has way better level design and movement options than most 3d sonic games. In fact, this might even be the best 3d sonic style game i ever played.

You can make Jerma fight DIO, how could you not like this.

Came back to this game when they added Zero build and it's actually fun.

A short but solid paper mario style rpg. The artstyle is cute, every enemy you fight is unique and the large amount of gear allows for all kinds of playstyles.

This is the first sonic game I played as a kid, what a great introduction to the franchise. I remember not being able to get past labyrinth zone due to the tiny ass screen making it hard to see where i was alongside the constant slow frame rate. fucking horrible game

The fact that this fan game was inspired by Ultrakill sounds cool in theory, but it includes none of the elements that make Ultrakill fun (besides the slide). Other than that, the game was too short and way too easy.