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Casual reminder that a doctor with no motivation other than simping could probably match or beat like 85% of the characters in this franchise (yes I include mainline Yakuza in that statement)

Shoutout to everyone who gassed this up, you were right.

Judgment was a great game with a few glaring issues, and I'm pleased to announced that Lost Judgment either improves (tailing missions) or removes (mortal wounds) pretty much every issue I had. The gameplay is arguably the best that RGG ever had, with two amazing cities to explore in Kamurocho and my beloved Yokohama from Y7, now with a skateboard! This small addition makes it really fun to just goof around and stylishly jump over thugs before you fight them. And speaking of which, combat is so damn good here. The useless crane style from Judgment is now it's own brilliant and fun style, alongside the new snake style for evading and throwing enemies off guard. Tiger for brutal 1v1s, crane for beating groups and lightning quick attacks, and Snake for disarming and evasion. It works greatly to give each style it's own identity besides 'fast weak one, slow strong one, in between one'

And also, investigating is great too! Shitty tailing missions are replaced with new things like a loudspeaker to pick up sounds, a detector for hidden objects and walking a dog to pick up scents. All of these are more enjoyable than tailing, and add to the detective experience greatly.
But if there's one new gameplay thing I don't like (besides the friendship system from the first game being removed) it's chatter. Basically, you can pick up keywords from people you hear talking on the street, and some of these can be used to find side quests. Issue is, not all of these conversations lead to sidequests, there's no indicator of which ones you've already heard, and having to stop and listen is kind of a pace killer. Look, RGG, I get you want to make finding side shit more immersive or whatever, but literally zero people would take an issue with a little icon on the map that tells you where the side content is. It's a system that works.

But beyond the gameplay is the story, and the story is mostly brilliant. It's another murder mystery, this time detailing a bullying incident and a murder surrounding it. And at the start, yeah! As someone who was bullied pretty bad in school, this shit felt real, to the point I actually had to pause the game and process what was happening on screen a couple times. And the villain who I won't spoil? I was on board at first, not gonna lie! They had charisma and a worldview that was well thought out. They murder bullies because they hate the fact that a lot of shitty people end up becoming successful, expressing frustration for both this fact and the justice system in general. And I felt that! During this game I thought about how all the shitty people I went to school with will probably just end up fine. Them becoming more successful than me is a real possibility, and that fucking sucks! Karma isn't real, and the whole 'oh it'll all be fine, they won't succeed' is just bullshit. He felt real, and the other villains make this easily the best rouges gallery RGG has ever put out.

But my only issue is, the game kind of forgets about the actual bullying after a point. Besides a really well done set of scenes in the beginning and a scene at the end that ironically feels like something from an anti-bullying PSA everyone would ignore after a while. Especially Koda, the bullied girl. She has basically zero plot relevance after this and said short scene at the end. And that's honestly the main argument against the villains! That they all deal with the aftermath of bullying but haven't done anything to prevent/deal with it as it happens! I was waiting for the heroes to bring this up only for the only argument of theirs being 'well uh your actions have collateral damage you ever think about that' which is valid, but still!

But as for Koda, she easily could have become part of mystery research, the main hub for school stories, where you help the kids deal with their own problems. It's mostly pretty great, even if the stats system felt slightly unneeded. Shout-out to my homies at the dance club.

So at the end of all this, is a great game. one of RGGs best. And I'm glad I got to experience it.

25 years later and no game has brought back the joy of setting a random image of a character with your own text over it that would greet you whenever you turned the game on.