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As of right now before all DLC. I personally think it deserves the same rating as 11 in comparison. A lot of qol is missing and somehow lacks polish compared to the previous. However unlike 11. There is some sauce to the characters and kameos which is a unique addition that feels like a MVC lite for babies. Still a lot of fun and vaires the matchups. Combos are finally existing and same with air combos witch is great. Story was rather entertaining but for some reason devolved into all too familiar territory although again entertaining. Roster in the base is better than last. Missing some crucial characters imo. May re review when it's fully DLC up and all see what Changes. A good time worth watching the good parts on yt. Even tho the gameplay is better. It's unfortunate how behind it is on its on sensibilities and right now the competition. The lack of a working and stable netcode and no rollback. No modern or simplified controls severely hinder the amount of new players or customers or retain its casual audience. Lot of kontent but the Warner Bros DRM plaques every menu of this game and for some reason has progression broken from time to time and even locked me out of characters if I didn't have a stable wifi which is utter trash. Mk11 just has the better guests for me. That's why I'm soft on it

What'd I think. Pretty good. Still need to get better at all words but I did quite like this. I appreciate the structure of the game. The unique approach at combat made it stand out to me. The boss fights were fun and kicked my ass. Replay value is there and I may one day but I more want to try the others first. Story was ok cute that it plays out as you game as that kinda doesn't work lmao but it was fine and inoffensive. Thanks Kyle

Y'all have a fair rating. Game design is pretty basic and a bit repetitive. But the length is very justifiably short. Really adorable that the x360 box art is the only one where Homer is happy implying it's the definitive release as every other version has him getting screwed over. Humour is great. The plot is fairly original and had some great satire on the medium. On a whole the game uses its script in a effective manner. All the voice cast are great. Fair amount of levels and collectibles. The cliches are funny. It's a solid time if just unfortunately very mundane to actual play. But everything around the gameplay is charming