Fixes so much and overall more balanced, but I still like the first one more

Would have loved multiplayer with it but hey, the campaign is amazing

This review contains spoilers

Game can be fun but the story, character interactions, and the characters themselves all FUCKING SUCK. It's early access so I won't hate on glitches but god damn do the characters reek doodoo! Lae'zel is one dimension and lame, Shadowheart is fucking boring and again one dimensional, Gael is like someone wrote their own op ass DnD character into the game at level 1 with the excuse being they lost their power. Astarion is funny as fuck, but is also just one dimensional. If you wanna be good then don't have him in your party because he will not like anything you do. Will is the only party member that I even remotely like. He is at least a nice guy with an okay backstory. Game is also terribly optimized for storage.

Simply gets 2 starts for zombies being okay

Story isn't bad it's just the gameplay ruins it so much

I feel like this game makes no fucking sense some time. Combat is fun but if you aren't playing as Evan then you have like no abilities. I wanted to play as the fucking isekaied president but nope! Although it seems like he is set up to be the main character he is not even close! Game requires way too much grinding later on and it is just not fun because of that. I ended up dropping it just because the story and puzzles got too fucking stupid for me to continue

Worst Pokémon game ever created. I do not understand how all they did was go off of a game they already made that was amazing and fuck it up so badly.