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I do not remember how it felt playing BioShock back in the PS3 era, so I cannot comment much on how the Remaster affects graphics and things.
However, the gameplay, as far as I know, remains unchanged. And given that this is quite an old game - it... hasn't aged quite well. Changing between plasmids and guns definitely gets annoying with time, especially since doing a lightning combo with a wrench hit is something you will do often.
So, the gunplay and combat aren't the best, but what about the lore? The setting? That's where BioShock hits you. Rapture is amazing and the ambience, the theme, enemies and the hidden lore behind everything really get to you. You are left in the dark most of the time, sometimes having to find hidden radio boxes to uncover more about the incidents (and accidents) that happened within Rapture, but it's well worth it.
I won't be getting into spoilers here - so I cannot comment on a lot of things. But there is something that bugged me quite a lot in BioShock, and that is the noise.
There is too much noise. You are constantly bombarded with noise. Dialogue from radios, explosions, little sisters' noises, big daddies' noises, splicers, guns, plasmids, fire, lightning, water, security bots, everything you can imagine - it will be there. It gets even more annoying when you are trying to focus on either Atlas or Andrew Ryan talking with you.
Nonetheless, I assume everyone has internet nowadays and can calmly research the lore after beating the game - if they so want to.
It is quite good, and it's playable nowadays unlike some games from the era. Get it, play it, you won't regret it.

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