he can still win,,, please

you offer spiderman the joint and he says "ew" and leaves

the screenshots and fan art of akiyama and hana doing karaoke gave me an idea of their relationship that turned out to be completely incorrect and i'm a bit disappointed 😎

never played it but Keef stands like the chad in the virgin vs chad meme

i love the aesthetic but it's just so frequently awful to play, constantly using its dmc-esque combat for puzzles which don't work with it at all. probably one of the worst games I could've played while ill lmao but rayne is "very cool"
shoutout to cathouse in glasgow


genuinely a lot of fun, a solid twin stick shooter that serves as a sandbox for its very flexible but simple upgrade system that can change the way the game plays drastically
all the voice acting is done with Go Animate-esque text to speech though so whenever anyone spoke i thought Caillou was getting grounded again

100% for hot people is when you play until the credits roll

bootleg wheatley shows off controller gimmicks on a console with no controller gimmicks

i didn't like vampire survivors so i bought another version of it and very quickly realised i didn't like it. i may be stupid

It's one of those weird cases where they've removed a bunch of the little annoyances that there were in the previous games and its made it worse?
Like you don't have to worry about spending too much money because the currency has been simplified to one token that can buy you everything you'd need and is easily restockable. You don't have to worry about swapping out your primary weapon for an explosive one because there's a third slot just for explosive weapons. You don't even have to worry about running out of C4 because you now just get an unlimited number of them.
As a result everything's way more streamlined and sounds more appealing but makes everything into busy work as you just kind of glide over outposts shooting rockets, I barely tried anything else because that works every time and there's no reason not to. Getting the fastest car in the game or the fastest jet isn't as fun as Just Cause 2 because I have an endless amount of them and can just fly about whenever I want. Its more explosive and action filled than Just Cause 2 but because everything's so streamlined for me I don't feel like I'm engaging with a world and so don't feel like experimenting with its systems.
It's the game equivalent of drinking sugar as a child, exciting at first then you just vomit EVERYWHERE

i once dated a guy who only liked this part of new vegas and hated the rest, no idea what was going on there

tears running down my face as i stammer out "arin hanson was right"

More games should hide game breaking shit in plain sight, it's so cool

At the hallway with the knights and medusa heads you can pinpoint the moment this game goes from a fun challenge to actually unbeatable. Really fun challenge before that tbf in its slow, careful action which means I have it in this weird place where you both 'definitely need to use save states' and 'shouldn't use save states' because saving speeds up the pacing in a weird way that doesn't fit the game and will probably make the game somewhat harder. When you do well in the game you find yourself kind of naturally flowing perfectly between enemies attacks in a way where the clunky controls don't feel stiff but instead intentional. And this intentionality is only felt because you know if you lose that balance and die there will be actual consequences, if you remove those consequences you find yourself throwing yourself at the game a lot more in a way that just breaks it and makes those clunky controls actually feel stiff.
But I still felt I had to use save states for three specific areas because without them I would've had to just stop. That hallway I mentioned is the hardest non-boss area and is followed by the hardest boss in the game with no way to recover health. Even with a save at the beginning of the fight I couldn't beat that boss because his attacks just fill the screen, I had to abuse save states further than that, adding them midfight. There's also the final form of Dracula which isn't too hard but seems to have one genuinely unavoidable attack.
It's annoying because this would be a perfect time-capsule of the NES style of games that you 'master' rather than finish if it wasn't for those couple parts. But with those it either feels way less rewarding to beat or wastes way too much of your time.
love this site cause my 'review' will just be whatever's on my mind directly after beating the game and there we go, i reviewed the quicksave function in emulators

I played way too much of this the past couple days and looked in the mirror and I've animorphed into John Krasinski
all hail the CIA. MKUltra was for "national security" or some shit