My name is David Vincent and I have been a game fanatic my entire life.
5= Masterpiece.
= Excellent. Only nit-picking reasons are holding it back from being a masterpiece in my eyes
4= Great game. A must play for any gamer.
= Very Good game.
3= Slightly above average game.
= Average game. Most people see 2.5 as bad. In my eyes, in my rankings, this is a solid average game.
2= Slightly below average game.
= Poor but not outright bad. Lacking in several areas.
1= Bad game. While playable there is not much fun to be had. Or some fun but fundamentally flawed.
= Abysmal game. Avoid. Major Flaws. 0 Fun. Unplayable.
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This review will be quite a bit shorter than my average reviews as frankly there isn’t much I feel I need to say about this game. While not as good as Sonic 2 or 3 there is a hour or so of fun to be had here. It plays just like the original trilogy but allows 4 playable characters. The level design in this game is flawed in the later levels. Bottomless pits you don’t know are pits until it’s too late. With 4 playable characters you would think they would have taken more advantage of the levels playing out slightly differently with each of there abilities but unfortunately it does not. The reason I said this review would be short is because there isn’t anything to right home about but also nothing to get overly upset about. It is just a very average game in my opinion.

Typically I’m very much against walking simulators and the last one I had played, Gone Home, made me never want to play another one again. However while I’m not running to go out and play another Walking Simulator, What Remains of Edith Finch was a strange pleasant surprise.
Each family members story was unique and so was the way you went about figuring out what happened to them. I probably enjoyed Molly’s “the cat story” the best but in my opinion the actual best story and part of the game is Lewis’ canned fish plant. I love how it has you doing a monotonous task of cutting the fish but you begin doing that without thinking while simultaneously controlling Lewis’ avatar. This mirrors how Lewis felt so well and was the most well done part of the entire game. Finally, the ending somehow managed to take me by complete surprise, even though looking back it shouldn’t have, and also made me very sad.
So while I have this rated as a good game at 3.5 stars I honestly don’t know how you can make a better walking sim than this game.

I’m going to be honest right out of the gate. My rating on this game may be biased because while this game has its flaws, I love Final Fantasy 7 so much that I can’t help but just smile and have a great time when I see or play anything related to it.
I knew the story from Crisis Core but never got to play it until now with the Remake. The story, while limited due to knowing how it will end because of FF7, does a tremendous job of not only setting the stage for FF7 but also expands the universe and several FF7 characters in a major way. You get to really see why Tifa hates Shinra so much, why Cloud is the way he is and who he was before FF7, different sides of Sephiroth and the Turks, and learn so much about Zack and Aerith.
I wish the main story in FF7 showed a little more into what a hero Zack was. He is maybe the most like-able and heroic figure out of every Final Fantasy game to date. He is an ultimate warrior who lives by honor even when almost everything is falling apart and most around him are evil. Zack is impossible not to root for and love. Crisis Core left me wanting to play more as Zack and even though I knew what the end game was going to be it still punched me in the face. His dream was to be a hero and he achieved that in spades several time over.
I really enjoyed the gameplay which I hear is a major improvement from the original. I wish Materia choices mattered a little more though. I feel like there are a few materia that are so good that once you get them the rest become dead weight in your inventory. This also makes the game a bit repetitive as you just bombard your best two or three attacks over and over again.
My main downside to this game is the 300 optional missions. They are virtually the same thing 300 times but progressively get slightly harder. They all boil down to find a random enemy that’s been buffed to hell on 1 of 5 maps and kill said buffed enemy. Not only is there 200 or so to many of them but if you do them before really getting to far into the story a lot of the main game becomes a joke difficulty wise. I decided to do aroun 150 of the missions about a third of the way through the story. Unfortunately that led me to one or two shoting enemy’s all the way until the end of the game.
The graphics are not up to par with FF7 but they are still beautiful and do a mush better job and background graphics and textures. The music is, well, Final Fantasy music’s spectacular.
If you like Final Fantasy at all please do yourself a favor and play this game if you haven’t. It’s not as well known as most of the numbered titles but it definitely should be.