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Obviously an improvement of the original Grand Theft Auto, not just graphically, but story and gameplay mechanics as well. The killing frenzies are much more fun, and the story with the three rival gangs is a way to give Grand Theft Auto a story I wasn't expecting them to be able to do.
I do think the music in the original GTA was better (and you didn't have to hear 私はテリヤキちゃんだよー!constantly being screamed into your ear either) and as a New Yorker, I do miss running around the knock-off of Kings and Brocklyn, but overall, everything really is a more enjoyable experience over the original! I did grow to love Anywhere City, and really loved the variety in weapons, missions, and hidden vehicles! I especially loved how cheeky the save addition was, with you saving under a "JESUS SAVES ALL" billboard hehe.
Not too much else to add, but I felt GTa2 was a pretty entertaining arcade-style game, and I had fun playing through the first map! Not the height of all late 90's gaming obviously, but definitely a very fun way to waste an hour or two.

I really enjoyed this game, more than Breath of the Wild honestly, which was a game I started to tire of the concept midway through. I finally have a game I can be annoying about and say "it really starts getting good 20 hours in!" But honestly that's how I felt with Tears of the Kingdom. After completing all the dungeons and making my stamina wheel a bit more advanced, I really felt like I could travel anywhere, in that way the game was originally trying with Breath of the Wild. The sky and depth additions absolutely helped with that, but the addition of caves, wells, and general better use of empty spaces, made Hyrule feel so much more full of life. The game still has its many flaws, and even took away my beloved Divine Beasts... but there was a significant amount fixed that I felt I could sit back and actually have fun with the game, which really is the main goal with gaming, right?
Similar to Disco Elysium, I feel so many people have said everything about this game, negative and positive, at this point, that I feel I'm not adding too much by putting my own two cents. But overall, I had a very nice time with Tears of the Kingdom, and in a way could even see myself returning to it at some point even after finishing, which I never felt with Breath of the Wild. I may be more harsh on Breath of the Wild than I intend to because the last time I finished it was on the Wii U my senior year of high school, haha! But with the improved story-telling, hand abilities, and combat move-sets, I can see myself returning to TOTK over BOTW any day of the week.

Genuinely cute minigame disc. Includes letting you dress Yukino up like a nun, tsum-tsum looking mini mascots of the cast, and of course, the ever so famous Brown toilet minigame.
It's not much, just an extra content game riding off Persona 1's initial success, but it's still pretty cute, and gives information that used to be only available in the club book on the characters. The manual it comes with genuinely has some of my favorite official art ever... ever!! (That's two links and you better look at both!!)
The Digital Collection isn't too much to write home about, but it's fun, and doesn't sell itself as more than the minigame collection it knows it is.