Decent for gacha game standards and while I do enjoy it, I just cant see myself sticking with it long term due to how grindy it is to access story content which is what I care for the most since gameplay is pretty brain dead. Will probably continue consuming this as a YouTube series just like KHUX.

If this game has told me anything its that we absolutely need more classic jrpg inspired indie games.
Sea of Stars is a great tribute to the classics, from its beautiful pixel art to its catchy music id highly recommend this one for fans of the genre. While I did enjoy Sea of Stars story, unfortunately the characters just weren't it for me, while the game does introduce interesting characters later on the first 3 you start with (aka the main characters) were so bland that I couldn't form any connection to them which really hindered the story for me. They react to things so generically and have barely any personality that they really needed to go back to the drawing board for the main leads.
Gameplay is really fun and addictive with the interactivity keeping you engaged for quite a while.. until it doesnt. Each character only has 3 abilities which can get pretty repetitive for some people, they really needed to give more abilities (5 minimum) and space unlocked them out more evenly.
Despite my complaints though this game is really solid and the fact I still enjoyed it as much as I did should say a lot, hopefully for this teams next RPG venture they iron out these things as they know how to make a game with a lot of charm.

Good step in the right direction from FF13, while level design can still be a bit claustrophobic its not just walk straight anymore. Each area acts as a hub where you progress the story, do side quests, fight monsters, I really liked the gameplay loop of this one compared to the previous.
Really liked Serah and Noels dynamic but I do wish there was a third character along for the ride, mainly cause i wasnt that big on the monster capture system and would have much preferred just having a proper third character. Also this soundtrack to this game was amazing, one of the best in the series.

I really wanted to like this game but the longer I played the harder it was to keep going. The story doesn't really explain everything clearly and the characters I found hard to care much about, except Sazh he was my favourite. I found the combat fun at first but after about 10 - 15 hours it just got boring since combat just boils down to shifting to the paradigm that beat suits the situation and spamming auto attack. Boring combat mixed with the corridor level design while also not finding the story interesting really made this game a slog to get through, but I'm glad I decided to finally play it for myself. Really hoping 13-2 is better.

While there are some questions that arent answered this is a great conclusion to the Klaus Trilogy and just a nice DLC in general. I do find myself wanting more as I really wanted to spend more time with Shulk, Rex and all the new characters I feel like that just says how much I enjoyed. Can't wait to see what the future of Xenoblade has in store.

An excellent finale to a story that has been built up for a long time. Glad I played this and Shadowbringers back to back as I feel like it enhanced the experience. As someone who thinks a lot about the future and why we are here in the first place the story really hit home for me, so many moments where characters would say something and it would make my eyes teary, I dont think I have ever experienced something with the power to do that so many times with just WORDS. FF14 as a whole just has some of the most beautifully written dialogue that its going to change my perspective on how I view dialogue going forward. Fantastic game.

Depression Simulator
Honestly this is one of the best Final Fantasy stories there is, characters were great and the villain is one of the best in the whole of gaming. Its so well written and it has so many lines of dialogue that will just get you to think about the world and yourself. 10/10.

Such a great way to play this classic, they took everything that was good from the original and pushed it to 11. Something I appreciate is that they went back and improved the somewhat linear progression that the OG had, theres just a lot more reasons to go and backtrack like the addition of new requests, objects / drawers you can't interact with without the necessary key items, or just simply going back to pick up treasure you missed, exploring RE4 has just never been so enjoyable and engaging until now.
The addition of parrying is great and just gives you another option to your approach in combat and crouching works great to not only make the level design feel more natural but also lets you stealth around and dodge incoming projectiles if you dont feel like using your knife or wasting ammo.
This game is just amazing and I highly recommend to people who have never played it before (although I still highly encourage you to play the original at some point).

9 years after the original Japanese release this game finally see the light of day overseas and it was great. The combat basics is the usual bread and butter of the action Yakuza games but with of course, a samurai twist, pre-dating Yakuza 0 this is the first game in the series that introduced style switching, including Sword, Gun, Sword + Gun (Known as Wild Dancer), and Fists. All of them have their uses and are all fun to use (except maybe Fists as the damage output is pretty low).
The story is based on real life events with a real life person named Sakamoto Ryoma (with the appearance of series star Kazuma Kiryu) which has you infiltrating the Shinsengumi to find you killed your father while reforming Japanese society along the way. This is a must play for people into Japanese history and can also act as a gateway for people that want to get into its history too.
This game can also act as an entry point for people looking to get into the series as it's completely disconnected from the rest other than multiple characters taking the appearance of certain characters from the main series. Don't be scared to start here cause it's great.
Now RGG can you please bring over Kenzan!, Kurohyou and remaster Dead Souls please?

First time playing this game and it was fantastic, if you didnt tell me this was a remaster of a gamecube game I would definitely think this was a modern release. This game does atmosphere and exploration so well and you feel like you're always making progress. However I feel like the combat system didn't age the best, its not bad at all but it could be better, also wish there was fast travel as running around everywhere can get tedious especially at the end when you have to get all the artifacts, worst part of the game in my opinion but at least it ended on some pretty good boss fights. Please release Prime 2 and 3 before you release Prime 4 please Nintendo, I would really like to play the rest.

Fuckin fun ass game, most fun I've has with a rhythm game in a while, just satisfying as hell to press buttons and super satisfying to get an all critical run, can't wait for the Nier songs.

What a fucking game man, this was such a good game. Refreshing to see something oozing creativity. We need more games to just come out of nowhere like this. My only nitpick would be I wish there were more vocal tracks throughout levels but thats fine. GOOD SHIT!

Fun game, but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Three Houses. Story did get more interesting towards the end but its overall pretty basic, gameplay in general is definitely an improvement though.

Not as good as Heavensward but still really good, it did have its slow points though and I think some of the fat could be trimmed to make for a better experience. Enjoyed the story but felt it was a bit too long, really liked Lyse and Hien, hope they stay.

After the first game feeling a bit mixed on it I was not expecting 2 to be so good. This game was great start to end, was nice to play as Claire again and playing as Barry was awesome too. Story kept you interested and it has its tense moments too