The camera and single save location ruin what could otherwise be an ok game.

The new island, weapons, and visuals contribute to a experience that is much better than the previous season. Actually this is probably my favorite season based on first impressions in a very long time.

I was surprised by the amount of charm this cute little game had. It manages to give me vibes from Dragon Quest, Zelda, Mario & Luigi, and Mystery Dungeon all at the same time. I loved how the final boss had Overture playing since Square Enix is usually real uptight about using the iconic theme in anything other than logo screens and endings. Even though I love the Monster spin off series, I might honestly say this is the best DQ spin off. It's a perfect short but sweet adventure.

The new stages add nice variety but I still prefer when the game was a one time payment. Free to play results in players getting almost no rewards compared to how the game worked before.

Good story, characters, and gameplay. True ending honestly was pretty cool. I like the message.

Good gameplay with cool Kaiju fights and cinematics. I like the multiverse travel idea too, although I don't particularly care for the story that much TBH.

Story was kind of a let down. Not really sure why Roy is liked so much besides maybe Smash fan bias.

Eh story but I appreciate that this game created the Casual gameplay style because I honestly do prefer playing the series this way.

This incredibly laggy, somewhat poor visually, and overall glitchy game is excellent proof of the lack of quality newer games in the Pokémon series has. It feels super rushed and really needs patch updates. I'm also disappointed by the lack of many Legends Arceus features like Conditional Turn Based combat.
That being said it's some of the most fun I've had in the series. Movement options are even better than what Legends Arceus had since now one mount does everything rather than needing to switch between multiple. Ridable legendaries is such a wonderful concept. Having different storylines like gyms, evil team, and titans is wonderful. It's such a great step up from SWSH which was just gyms and literally nothing else at all. SV's story direction is my favorite behind only gen 5 and 7. The final stretch is so cool! I love sci-fi aesthetics so much and it has my favorite final boss in the series. The characters are consistently more interesting than the past few games although I still think gen 7 has the best. The glitches are honestly kinda funny and very few actually hurt the game for me.
The best thing about this game that I absolutely makes it one of the best in the series is the multiplayer. I've wanted a new non-MMO multiplayer RPG for so long and this game finally did so. I loved playing the story alongside my boyfriend so much! I want the series to continue improving multiplayer even further in he future.

I think it's an interestingly unique concept but honestly got bored quite a bit.

The Battle Pass is less impressive to me than the previous season's but the potential of new character make things interesting.

A very solid start to potentially a very wonderful platform fighter. The roster may have been small but the character selection was really neat. Definitely needs a lot more side content to flesh it out more. I think the Battle Pass should've been slightly easier to grind.

The story was a lot more interesting than every other Atlus game I've played. I think if a remake gave it a lot of quality of life improvements to make its gameplay match that of newer entries then it could be a solid half a star higher. Besides gameplay the only flaw I have to say is it surprisingly did not make me cry like 4 and 5 did.


A very solid sequel that gives a good conclusion to the tale told in part 1 but I honestly think I prefer 1 more. Mainly because I felt there was a stronger sense of mystery and I preferred the open ended ending.

This game is one of the oldest action RPGs and is an excellent proof of concept. Pros include unique gameplay, cool (for the time) voice acted cutscenes, and a decently nice story. Unfortunately it does have some annoying attributes like the bat boss and being easy to get lost in at times.