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5 Stars / 10 - Absolutely perfect game, one of the best of all time.
4.5 Stars / 9 - Fantastic game, almost perfect with everything right but something small or missing.
4 Stars / 8 - A great game that is strong and a high recommendation, but doesn't reach that godly status.
3.5 Stars / 7 - Really good game, might have a couple of issues but is still a wonderful game.
3 Stars / 6 - Decent game, has a few flaws that bring it down or some problems that don't really make it amazing, but still good.
2.5 Stars / 5 - A game that just barely has the positives outweight the negatives. A good game still, but the flaws are definitely noticeable and problematic.
2 Stars / 4 - A bad game, but with a few less issues they could certainly fix it. Still has more negatives than positives.
1.5 Stars / 3 - Awful, terrible and unfun. It might have one or two moments that make it good but really not worth your time.
1 Star / 2 - Redfall.
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Ghostrunner is an insanely good game, and I highly enjoyed the mechanics and gameplay. The music was fantastic and the story was simple but sweet. I think they did an excellent job with the gameplay flow and battles, and the pacing of levels was really good. The artstyle is absoulutely wonderful, and I think the puzzle platforming was just good enough. My biggest issue comes with some of the boss fights. With the exception of one, they are more platforming rather than actual combat. I also found the areas in 'Cyberspace' was just, well, terrible. It was a real downgrade compared to the rest of the game even if they were short, and could've been cut entirely. I really liked it though and highly recommend it, despite how short it is!

I really liked this game! It was super cute with a nice narrative and art style. The game was a little easier than I expected and you could beat it in a single sitting, but I think it definitely was a fun little experience. I liked the climbing and the aspects to it, though I felt that it could've been just a little bit harder to utilize all of the created mechanics. I would love to see more levels eventually but if not, it was short and sweet and a delight.