(Played before 2023)
Big fan of this game. It is a really unique idea of robotic dinosaurs combined with a lush, vibrant post-apocalyptic world. The soundtrack is really good and I enjoyed the characters quite a bit, even if they could feel quite dimensional. You don't really get that many RPG elements so you can't really focus or build on specific aspects, but it reminds me of a more streamlined monster hunter when combating robots using only slings and arrows. I think the game definitely was missing a lot of aspects that are commonplace in the genre, but this was their first open-world game. There were frustrating moments, and a lot of the times enemies move too quickly even during slow-mo to let you take advantage of shooting weak points, and I think the melee combat is pretty terrible. A light and a heavy sweep, that is pretty much it. The platforming is really good but also got annoying to traverse sometimes, epseically with how many mountain areas there are. I'd recommend it though, for a first attempt they did a great job.

Reviewed on Mar 19, 2023