Immortals of Aveum is probably a game a lot of people will skip this year. Considering what it's going up against it's hard to blame anyone for doing so. But between crazy ambitious games like Zelda and Baldurs Gate, it is pretty nice to have a simple but competent shooter that doesn't overstay its welcome. I would easily recommend Immortals to someone needing a downtime game or looking for something quick once it goes on sale.

Leaving this review as a formal apology to whoever comes over to our house to visit for the rest of the year, as I will be forcing you to experience this. You will know true pain.

Activision is milking Crash as much as it can while dancing on the corpse of Spyro, and this is what we get.

It's times like these where I wish I did half star ratings.

Lego 2K Drive is such a fun take on the genre, but for a full priced game it has worse microtransactions than you'd expect from a free to play one, making the experience far more grindy than It should be.

As a nearly 40 year old franchise, It brings me so much joy to know that The Legend of Zelda has never really lost its magic. This is the apex of that. I don't know how they can really make it better than this but, I'm gonna enjoy being surprised all over again when they do.

I was lucky to get this a little early and I've finished my first playthrough but I'm far from done. Resident Evil sets a new standard for remakes again

As someone who had a lot of issues with the first, this doesn't really shake things up massively but is a clear and thoughtful improvement in every way I wanted. A great sequel and probably the best jrpg we'll get this year.

Fun ass time. Has some great ideas and improves on a lot of things that have bugged me about Monster Hunter for years. I can't truly recommend this to most people yet, the performance is just awful and there's a few balance issues. With future updates and patches this game has a lot of potential.

It is absolutely insane to me that we've started this year off with two shadow drops that fuck so hard

Long story short I recently spent a few days in the hospital which has made for a pretty poor start to the year, but the timing of this release really could not of been better in that regard. I binged this game hard and it helped me through a lot of the pain (everything is okay now) and for that I'll always remember this fondly. Even typing this I'm getting ready to start a second playthrough. I was worried about this game from all the pre release information but the moment the opening started playing all that doubt washed away. The story is a bit of a misstep but it looks and plays so wonderfully and the cast is as fun and colorful as everything else. Not quite what I was hoping for, but just what I needed

Yeah maybe the combat could be a bit better but the vibes and soundtrack make up for it by a large margin for me. Fun time

Sadly it's not quite as good as it could've been but I think its still a very thrilling on the rails action horror and that's more than enough for me. Maybe turn auto dodge on in accessibility options however as the combat can be a bit unfair. Karen Fukuhara is cute, I hope this game gets the post launch support it deserves.

Obviously quite gorgeous but unfortunately more often than not its a real chore to play.

Sometimes you just need a super fun basic no bullshit game and Evil West does that in strides