This game uhhh... exists? The soundtrack is great! The levels are boring, the bosses are boring, and the story is boring. The game in general is just really forgettable and inoffensive. I played this game like two years ago and I'm struggling to think of any aspects of it that stood out in a positive way. Granted, I knew this game was gonna suck before I played it so I wasn't disappointed or anything. It's just that Kirby: Star Allies is a nothing game.

Reviewed on Aug 04, 2022


7 days ago

no memories is better than triple deluxe tbf

7 days ago

omg I swear I didn't see that the worst Kirby game is your favorite game before posting that lmao

7 days ago

never mind me

7 days ago

Kino triple deluxe clears mid allies any day


5 days ago