Usually regarded as the best title in the trilogy, and in my opinion for very good reason. Dead Space 2 perfectly balances the horror moments and combat so fluidly that it never seems jarring to be taken from one to the other. Highly, highly recommend if you're looking to get into some horror game staples.

Borderlands 3 definitely has the best gunplay out of the series, with a lot of fun to be had in combination with build options. BUT the writing in this game is seriously so unfunny that it makes it difficult to progress without getting annoyed. Not to mention how much of a slog Eden-6 was... But like I said. Still a ton of fun to be had!

Liked it a lot before I started speedrunning it, then I fell in love with it. The visuals are gorgeous and still hold up in 2023, not to mention the music is great too. Great speed game! ♥