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"Nothing remains now except for our regrets"

Jet Set Piyasa.
Pretty darn fun, visually incredible and fun to play around for a while. My real complaint about this game starts after you see every single track, which happens right after finishing the Level 3. Game adds nothing new after the 3rd Level.
You play same tracks over and over again, and to my knowledge this is even worse in the Japanese version which lacks American oval tracks, which are pretty boring but still better than nothing.
Gameplay stops being hard after using Easy-Tuning once and increasing your grip. After that cars are the exact same thing with a different skin. I started with a 86, which slips like crazy. It was almost impossible to control it without being really gentle with the controls. Easy-Tune, +Grip and boom your car sticks to the ground like a gum and we're talking about 86 here. The engine is at the FRONT, but it prefers to act like it's whole weight is distributed evenly.
The game isn't bad, but loses it's charm and uniqueness insanely fast. Adding a few more tracks and maybe a little bit more spice to the career could really make this game shine.
Also soundtrack is cool, but I recommend listening to a random Eurobeat mix.

1000th game I logged.
Is For Answer good? Yes, It's almost perfect. Is it any better than the 4? I don't think so.
Multiple braches are nice and I really like where the story went. But in trade you get a much shorter game because of the obligatory replays. A much worse soundtrack and less characterization.
It's still Armored Core and It's still probably the best game to scratch the mechnical engineering itch inside me. But I'm sad that my experience with this game wasn't as magical as I had with the 4.
Yes, Someone is Always Moving on the Surface. but I do miss being the Anatolia's Mercenary every now and then.