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a beautiful game with one of the most synergy shared between all the characters, one and another. most likely one of the best character balancing in the entire series. they never, or barely acted cold/awkward to eachother which ties in amazingly with the past life theme of the game. to sum it up they're a big, comfy family.
Ruca and Iria are both endearing to watch the development of, from the beginning to the end. the contrast of Ruca's cowardlyness and Iria's mean girl act improves through the game, as she is supposed to make him man up. Iria is the heroine to give Ruca the courage he needs to face his fears and the events of their past lifes, which then Ruca gives that courage back to her as well. they're both kids, learning life's lessons and their own origins, and it's very emotional.
gameplay-wise, it's a 3D-LMBS game with literally none of the baggage 3D-LMBS games normally have, it's fun, snappy and doesn't get old so you know it's good.
Innocence, while short, has stellar storytelling, symbolism, characters, gameplay and skits, and I'd recommend it as a first entry to the tales series.

pretty cute game that touches on the theme of how life is worth living and overcoming on your past actions!
for the time it came out it's an ok product, but it aged really badly, since the grinding in it is pretty awful until it gets better around the lvl50~ mark.
you don't really get much of a tutorial on the controls, buttons and mechanics etc so you have to look things up online (game actually doesn't tell you you can instantly leave the dungeon with the start button lol), combat is REALLY not good too... the entire time i played this i honestly felt like this game just hates it's own player with the amount of bullshit in it.
if you care about tales character interaction fluff, want to know about kanonno and youre fine with grinding, go ahead and play it, otherwise don't really expect too much from this since it wouldn't be worth your time.
in the end it was a fine product alfa system experimented with, since this came out before ToD2 (PSP) and ToI so i'd say they tried their best with what they could do.
pat the kanonno

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