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Yakuza 5 is why we love Yakuza series so much. We have characters, we have a good plot, we have amazing minigames, we have amazing sub stories, we have bad combat again.
I am a big fan of the Real Estate and Cabaret Club from 0. Now we have 4, actually 3 because the hunt one is boring. Let's evade spoilers so i will only say the first and third are 50% of my playtime in this game.
We have 5 protagonists this time!. The last one has bad combat but he is a great character. The other ones we already know and love, just more time with them. The way the story goes between every protagonist is good, the resolution is acceptable and we finish with cliffhanger to destroy cliffhangers.
Yakuza 5 has a lot of moments that destroyed me. The game really is making the base for a conclusion, that in the next review, you will see why i was not ready to say goodbye.

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