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Fizbo finished Starfield
since there's a lot of text everywhere in the internet, I'll just come clean on what is good and bad (imo) about this game.
the bad:
- Optimization in general. Poor fps on xbox, and on pc it literally needs a NASA pc to run well. By the end of the game I was beyond furious because of the poor performance that wasn't letting me enjoy the game. It's sad and it's very bad
- Main quests: Although the story is interesting, and the ending is very good with it's different choices, the progress of the main quest is very repetitive and not so interesting. Even when the story unfolds I was left with a feeling of missing something more exciting or exploding when telling me the truth about everything. 90% of the main quests is doing the same thing and it's very tiring and boring comparing to the faction quests.
- Music and sound were somewhat annoying on some parts and very good sometimes too, so I'll leave it on both
- It's true that there are a lot to do in starfield but most of those "lot" of different stuff are completly meaningless and unrewarding and you just feel like you do it for the personal RP of your imagination and not for needing or to feel some meaningful impact on your gameplay. So stuff like over explore a lot of generated planets, doing research and gathering resources, creating outposts it's all for nothing and unless you really wanna spend a lifetime in the game you just skip it and it feels bad to just send these features to oblivion.
- Absolutely no seamless experience. I don't ask for a get in get out of planet semless experience like NMS but this is just terrible since you're either stuck on landing/departing cutscenes or loadings for every fast travel. Why do implement fuel and routing calculations if it just comes down to loadings after loadings after loadings. Everytime you need to comeback to the city you dont even need to go to your ship just press map and fast travel to the other point of the galaxy to a specific place with your ship landed there already. That breaks all the immersion.
- AI is terrible.
The good:
- The ending is very good. The decisions and design they created to the last point of the main quest are very very fun, and the new game plus is the best ng+ concept done in a videogame imo, giving you true meaning to play some more. And if you're that RP guy then you'll play it even more (I'm really not).
- Music and sound design where good in some parts?
- Gun play good although all the fighting is bland and boring
- FACTION QUESTS. They are the best part of the game. Intriguing stories, good side characters, good dialogue and options, a lot of different takes to the same problem and very fun plot twists. I recommend them even more than the main quests because they really are the heart of the narrative and the world.
- Ship builder although ship gameplay is meaningless.
Overall it's a very BIG game which I enjoyed. But I can't give the 4 stars since optimization, boring main quests and lack of seamless exploration hit hard on what this game could've been

1 day ago

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