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I started going through the Xbox Game Pass, and continued on Steam.
I recommend it to those who like meditative gameplay, simple puzzles with an understanding of the case, an interesting plot (surprisingly). The atmosphere in places resembles Deep Rock Galactic, a prison from Star Citizen and hard workers from the factory.
A game for those who like:
Titan A.E.
The Orbital Children
Techies and space engineers should definitely pass. You immediately understand the rules of occupational health and safety at work, because you want to keep within 1 shift, even with large vessels, and you start immediately with a burner by area (instead of step-by-step disassembly of the cladding and removal of dangerous combustible /electrical / nuclear, etc. elements). And an accident at work will not keep you waiting.
It may seem that HARDSPACE is monotonous, but this can be said about any game in which you will understand the mechanics. There is also a high variety of situations and a new gaming experience.
After passing, I advise you to watch a documentary about the company and the unions of AMERICAN FACTORY 2019.

Так, не из праха выходит горе,
И не из земли вырастает беда;
Но человек рождается на страдание,
как искры,
чтоб устремляться вверх.

I've always dreamed of getting into this atmosphere. Arma was too complicated for me, and Insurgency was too arcade.
I've never been able to play this kind of shooter. Squad was the beginning of my debut.
At first, when I just bought this miracle, it was very boring. You can't see anyone, you're always running around ♥♥♥♥♥♥ figure out where, and then they'll take you and bang you out of the bushes.
Fortunately, one day I got into a squad of almost a dozen people, all of them turned out to be Russians, besides we were very lucky with the commander. Everyone liked the way he coordinated the members of his squad and how clear the orders were.
I really got into the essence of the game. It was great.
Here you are walking along the mountain, and the commander yells into the radio: "GUYS, THERE's A machine gun ON 230 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, GET DOWN!!"Here you have made your first murder.
But you are defending almost the most important point on the map with a tiny detachment, when there are about 50 people against you, and there are only 8 of you. This is the feeling when you suffer losses every couple of minutes, but you still stand to the end, to the last cartridge, to the last drop of blood!And now you are left two or three, trapped in some small room, having completely spent the clip, and waiting for the moment when the cherished grenade will fly into your mouth and all your efforts will be in vain.
BUT HERE THEY ARE- the fifth, fourth squad. And you manage to keep this important height together.
This is the perfect game for those beginners who so wanted to plunge into realism.