Good atmosphere and brilliant worldbuilding, although both very, very derivative. It draws fully from Evangelion (aesthetics), Resident Evil (mechanics), and Silent Hill (mechanics and narratives) - as a result it feels like a comfort nostalgic patchwork of many good things. Sadly, this also affects the game loops, design, and storytelling: all really derivative, repetitive, and at time gratuitously tedious - the gameloop never changes: find object to get keys, get keys to move on, kill zombies in the meantime. The only original gimmick, the radio, turns out to be one of the worst ones.
The good things are: how ultimately open to interpretation the plot is, how the game merges psychological horror and science fiction, and how it makes the game loops parts of the diegesis, leading you towards different endings in a quite brilliant way.

Reviewed on Mar 28, 2023