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Jak 3


I've played this entry to the series one too many times. It's a blast! I loved having the ability to move from Spargus to Haven and seeing these parallel environments, not to mention the war torn citizens. Sadly it felt like they silenced Keira as a character so that they could slide in a Jak and Ashelin love story. Nah dude, that was dumb. The rest of the game though, fantastic ^_^// This game is a gem.

I have played through this game countless of times and while Sly 3 is still my favorite,
Even with its very not good moments, this game is so fucking phenomenal god

I love every aspect of this game to death except playing it.
worst 10/10 of my life

just found out about Sun and Moon medals collecting, it's over

I don't trust mfs who like Sonic 1 over this game

Thank you for your service Billy Kametz

Not even feeling a quirky review for this one this was just great

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