Just let me play against my friends online please. I cant do my initial ranking matches cause the games dead.
Now that I can play the game, its fun but I hate the lobby system and I wish movement was a better.

I like Current Code a bit better but I'm very happy with this game.

As a long time tales fan, I really love this game. I do think the story has some pacing issues and some missed potential with its antagonist, but it delivered really well with gameplay and characters. The future is looking good for the series.

I'm glad this exist since I can have a rating for Destiny PSX and Destiny DC now. The combat in this game is really good. The best 2D combat in the series, however I have some small issues like normal attacks existing and being pretty useless not too far into the game. I'd rather have something like Graces here with an arte tree for normal attacks or just more arte bindings. The story to me seemed bland and the characters were pretty good but far from the best in the series. However when I played DC, there wasn't a fan patch but a translation guide that was very incomplete so my understanding of the story and characters isn't perfect. I plan to replay this game and once I do I'll probably raise the score but for now this is how I feel about it.

Yeah I watched a friend play this and it was just amazing. the gameplay had so many deep mechanics and the characters are just written in a very unique way. Sure the voice acting is bad but honestly what doesn't have bad voice acting.

I'm very biased I feel as this is my first JRPG outside of pokemon or mario but I see this game as fun but flawed. The first 6 hours especially have some issues but it gets better and by the end I can say I really enjoyed the plot and characters both new and old. Also it's better than Symphonia 1.