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Extremely short, but satisfying platformer that does the bare minimum of telling the story of the film, while adding some extra bits for the sake of having more stages and bosses. Aladdin feels a bit slippery at times, especially if you hold the run button down the entire time like me, but it feels just right where you can blast through the stages with your platforming skills, like I try to.
I wish there was a bit more variety, but it's still pretty good as it is, and the music is especially charming. It was a little golden period of Japanese devs working on Western IPs and making some dope ass games out of them.

Donkey Kong Country was a platformer with an interesting design, where the platforms and even playable characters' physics are kind of vague, they're kind of loosely designed. And on a console like the SNES, it worked very well as it made it easy for the player to flow and react in order to execute quick stage runs! Trying to cram that into a Gameboy does not really work.
The platforming tends to be frustrating, and even at times "too" loose. The entire game feels very haphazardly put together, thus the controls suffer a bit for it. I'm sure there's some miracle story that they got this game working the way it does, but I don't care. It's not fun. It doesn't really fit as even a remotely suitable experience to the SNES game.

A step-up to the original game in various ways, most especially raw gameplay and core combat. Batman: Arkham City runs, punches, and glides with so much more confidence than its predecessor, likely due to working on established grounds with the Batman franchise.
While the core combat is more intuitive, the exploration aspect is much more grand than the original, and even the story itself is considerably a step-up . . . I kinda like the way the original game presented itself more. From the comic book art profile pictures, the greasy stained menu, to the Metroid-like architecture and mapping!
I completely understand Arkham City going towards the open world aspect, and it's still really fun! I just have a weird bias towards the first game. But I can't deny, the boss fights in this game were brilliant. I also love how you start with all the gadgets from the original games, and continue earning new tools throughout on top of that. Great game design, and getting great scores in brawls is always a lot of fun.