Extraordinary art and very touching moments but the overall package is a little repetitive and eventually boring.

Absolutely loved this game. I honestly only wish it was longer. Hopefully they make a sequel or something.

It's fine. The sprite work and music are phenomenal but I find the gameplay a little boring. I can see the appeal but it just isn't my thing.

The base gameplay feels okay if somewhat empty, but the missions and things you do just get immediately monotonous. Damn shame because I had a blast with 3 but don't know if I could recommend this one.

It's totally fine. Got extremely bored after some time with it.

Honestly quite enjoyable already (especially with friends). I'm looking forward to seeing what else is added.

Some cool ideas but SO BORING and honestly a bit too difficult for its own good.

One of my favorite games ever. The definition of a niche classic.

I had quite a bit of fun with it many years ago, I can only imagine it's even better now.

Maybe it was good when it came out but coming to it later it was just... bad. Ugly and obtuse.

Easily in the bottom 3 or 5 games I've played in my entire life.

I really, truly enjoyed the story and characters but the gameplay is just awful.

Certainly fun but the grading system is just play bad. Otherwise it's amazing.

Honestly one of the worst games I've ever played. Complete dogshit.

Really only played the multiplayer and had some fun with it.