Hi, guys. I'm Sid. I love Video Games and I love to journal. So, Wouldn't that make me a Game Journalist?
I'm a Casual Gamer. I got into actual gaming in 2020 1st Quarantine by my dad, Who introduced me to the World of Gaming. Ever since then, I've been playing games on a laptop. Besides Gaming, I Study, and do all the normal stuff that a teen does.
As I'm busy with school work. I'm only Availabe on Weekends.
I rank Games on the these bases:
5/5 - Greater Than A Game
4/5 - Not a Good Game, A Great Game
3/5 - Enjoyable
2/5 - Mega Crap
1/5 - Don't Even Think of Playing This
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition

May 16

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I hope this game fails. And Konami either bring back Kojima or gives all the MGS Licenses, Copyrights and Patents to Kojima Productions. So, they could work on Remakes and New Metal Gear IPs

I was really looking forward to play Vanquish. But I'm very disappointed. Story is bad, Visuals are ugly but Gameplay is fun.

Growing up I was a huge nerd who loved Transformers due to which I didn't had much friends in elementary school. It all started when I saw a Cool looking Robot in a shopping mall. Which could transform into a Truck. It was Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime. It was love at first sight. I got my first Optimus Prime action figure. I fell in love with the action figure. I use to play with it everyday after coming home from school. I even use to sleep with him. As time grew on I wanted to know more about the characters and it's origin. It was around Summer 2014. When Transformers Prime begin to air on our TV. I use to wake up early in the morning. So that I don't miss any episode. I absolutely love the show. I also watched Transformers Armada, all the Bayverse Movies. I got 1 Transformer Action Figure every year. My Action Figure collection consisted of TFP: BH Optimus Prime, TF Generations Jetfire , DOTM Megatron, DOTM Bumblebee, TLK Sqweeks, And at last TLK Cogman. I use to make Stop-Motion videos with them. I dug deep into the lore to find out about The G1 series. Although I never saw the G1 series. But I have enough knowledge about the show and the impact it had. There was a time in my life where Transformers meant so much to me. It made me feel special that I can do something Greater. It gave me comfort when I sad. But as I grew older, Getting in highschool, Gaining more and more responsibility. The Action Figures with which I slept were kept in a Storeroom. No more Action Figures, No more Transformers movies since TLK and Bumblebee. Transformers just vanished from my life.
As the Rise of the Beasts coming out. I remembered my undying love for Transformers and what it meant to me.
I thought this possibly couldn't be a better time to play the game.
Now the actual review and my opinion. Transformers: Devastation is really fun game but a forgettable one. The story is completely stupid and makes no fucking sense. The music is nice especially the Title Screen Theme for me. The Cell Shaded graphics do complete justice to the original G1 Animation. The combat is fun but gets repetitive really fast but it doesn't matter since the game is only 4-6 hours long.
Overall, A fun game with few minor flaws. Wish they made a sequel to it. I'm sure they would've nailed it.