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favorite fighting game of all time

Incredible game that I didn't appreciate properly the first time I played it, and I only have two nitpicks.
The first one is that it should have more non lethal options, as is you can barely use any weapon in your arsenal and your powers are also restricted quite a bit.
The second one is that the morality of dishonored is pretty fucked up, are you seriously telling me that selling a noble woman to a sex weirdo who will probably will rape her for the rest of her life is better than simply killing her? Sure buddy.

A vacuous looter shooter with fish-in-a-barrel enemies, superfluous RPG elements, and brain-dead combat that looks and runs like complete shit. It’s yet another game that was clearly meant to follow a live service model before a direction change forced them to salvage what they could from this mess.
One of the funniest things about this game is how every character has these powers and multiple skill trees and there is less than zero point in engaging with these systems because the standard grey assault rifle just kills every enemy in the game within seconds.

Sorry Arkane but you done fucked it up.

A great super hero game, it's a little short and has it's short comings with the boss fights baring Killer Croc and Scarecrow, but the overall game is wonderful, the performances by the Animated Series cast are great, and the atmosphere is phenomenal.

The story is a disappointment and obviously unfinished, but the gameplay is so fun that it makes up for it.

This is peak Stealth gameplay! When the story falls flat and rushes forward without even trying to evoke any emotion, the gameplay always delivers. What else can that be said about? The artstyle; well, for the most part. Sometimes it looks terrible but most of the time it looks perfect: the slightly cartoony look reflects the perversion, decadence and dirt of this world just right.
If you're a fan of Stealth games and don't mind when it's on the bloodier side - I highly recommend Dishonored!

Possibly the best 2D fighter of all time. The only gripes are that the cast is horribly unbalanced and lacks Cammy. The controls and systems are perfect with the music being possibly the best in the genre. The skillcap is endless with so much boiling down to a skill difference between who wins and loses. Basically a perfect game

this game is good not the best MK but its nice

Pretty good MK. The DLC fighters are really good.

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