Goofy fun. A better version of an already great Mario game, that comes with some real silly voice acting. Really glad this game to NSO, imo peak Mario Advance

It exists. that's about the nicest thing I can say about it.
It pales in comparison to the mobile version, which actually has pulls that are worth something, custom teams, crossover characters, actual substance! Because a starving man would turn this away, that's how lacking it is in substance.

Bayonetta 3 is strange. It's serviceable enough, it feels good enough, but there's something off. It's like going to a restaurant that you're a regular to, but all the chefs have been replaced, so the food tastes different. Enough where you notice but not enough where you can point out exactly what's changed, outside of the giant monster now being a part of your arsenal.
Also jesus christ this story takes a big ol' fat shit by the end. Part of me prefers if Bayonetta ended as a trilogy and Platinum doesn't make a Bayonetta 4.

It's Coffee Talk, but better. It remains nice and cozy, but it definitely stood out to me that all the conversations are profound and very deep. Not a criticism, just an amusing observation.
RIP Fahmi

An above average mystery visual novel with a gorgeous aesthetic that really caters to the fans of Tron. This is the first Mike Bithell game that I've played and I really had a good time with it. I hope he retains the Tron license because the story really lends itself well for a sequel with the same main character.

Pulseman is a game that while it oozes style a pushes the Genesis pretty hard with its colors and music, at its core it's just a very serviceable platformer. It's not gonna blow you away, but it's very good for what it is.
Also historically I think the game itself is worth preserving, considering it's a Game Freak game pre-Pokemon. Those are hard to come by!

"It's pretty impressive that you put so many ingredients into a dish and it came out tasting like nothing." - Persona 4 Golden
I cannot get over how bland, boring, and uninspired that this game is, it actually retroactively made me question why I've played around 10 Atlus RPGs, since this just feels like the most soulless and lame version of an Atlus RPG.
I can safely say that characters like Fuuka, Teddie, Morgana etc have been completely vindicated because Figue could be the worst wacky animal sidekick. Having an anxiety attack over an enemy that couldn't be more disinterested in me and then saying "Now we can relax" every 10 seconds. Holy shit.
And I cannot get over how boring the dungeon design is. Dumping into the human psyche makes sense (Atlus RPGs have done it a ton of times), but they all look the same. What in the hey. And with the rumored Persona 3 Remake just waiting to be announced, this feels like an issue that will not be remedied any time soon.
If you like Atlus RPGs, avoid this one. It does a disservice to SMT, Persona, hell, even Soul Hackers 1. I'm only giving it 2 stars because it's serviceable and technically competent.

"I didn't think a game could suck me off until RE4 Remake" - Kris Wolfheart

This is about what I remember of The Oregon Trail. I was initially worried that the game would be more focused on the plight of the indigenous people, but it does not detract from the main focus. As a matter of fact, the side stories that unlock additional items and classes were a very welcome addition, and I'm glad a substory that was strictly Native American was included. It's not the greatest version of Oregon Trail, but it is definitely a very good version.

This game is a really nice reminder that Sonic's friends were never the problem. I want to see Sega utilize the extra cast of Sonic more, because there's some great personalities on display here. This is a legitimately fun visual novel to play, definitely worth the 2 hours it asks of your time.

A super polished super game that not only brought Metroid out of its dormancy with a bang, but redefined the Metroid part of Metroidvania.
The game absolutely nails the ability to make you feel like an intergalactic badass. Not to mention a giant satisfying lore dump that really brings a lot of things together from the series at large. If you are a fan of Samus to any degree, this is a must play.
My only single complaint is that I think they overdid it with the Shinespark puzzles. And that's just personal taste. Outside of that, it's beautifully done, 10/10. And Nintendo: Please keep Samus in the forefront again. I'd love to spend more time with the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Metroid has had a stunning transition to 3D.
I went into this game fully expecting it to function different than the 2D Metroid games, but honestly it was quite the opposite. The game is bar none a master class in the FPS genre, not to mention the emphasis on exploration while not taking away from the action itself is pretty surprising. Not to mention I couldn't have been happier every time I got a powerup, ready to kick Tallon IV in the ass.
Also, the story. By god the story. It really puts a lot of the overall established continuity into perspective, while keeping the dialogue next to nothing. It's the kind of minimalism that I really appreciate. Retro did a stellar job with Metroid Prime and I could not recommend this game enough.

This sets a gold standard for remakes. Takes what improved from the sequel and adds it into the original while keeping the atomsphere and tension present from the original. While at the same time also adding on a whole new area and building upon the already pre-established lore and characters to give them a greater presence in the series as a whole.
Samus Aran is a certified badass, and this game proves it.

This game absolutely set the bar for Metroid as a whole. It's a game that really lets you explore and rewards you for going wild on exploration. My only complaint is that some jumps and moves require precision timing, but that's a skill issue. I got much better with it over time. Nevertheless, I can see why when it comes to the SNES, Super Metroid is one of the greatest standouts of that generation. Totally deserved.

Who knew that the winning formula to a great horror game was to create a creature infinitely more powerful than you and than have it hunt you?
Metroid really hit a good stride around this era, and Metroid Fusion is just the start. With the story being dark, the X parasite being horrifying, and even the dreaded SA-X giving me flashbacks to Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, this definitely improves upon the Metroid formula.
My one complaint is that the fucking Space Jump is finicky, borderline unreliable. But it definitely improves after you get the Screw Attack. Being on NSO, this game is a no brainer.