After completely giving up on Bayonetta 3, I can't believe how much I like this game. I was skeptical about how deep the game was, being a full release from Platinum so soon after the last game, but it proved to be an excellent title that I'd say is a better entry in the series than the "mainline" offer.
The combat and dynamics between Cereza and Cheshire are just so satisfying to pull off, it might not have the mechanical complexity of pressing a bunch of buttons to combo, but it has the rewarding experience of pulling off the synergy between the two.
Exploration is serviceable but if I have complaints they are mostly related to this. The map sometimes is useless and the game doesn't have many rewards asides from points for your skill tree, but sightseeing is also its own reward because the game is a treat to look at.
Bayonetta Origins is Platinum at its best. The visuals are amazing and the Switch can handle the game beautifully. The gameplay is solid, you can feel each hit in the action, and there are the classic big set pieces. Put everything together and the end result is a marvelous whimsical journey.

Reviewed on Apr 04, 2023