Terra Nil offers a very distinct feeling than other strategy/builders games. It combines the chill aspect of restoring desolate landscapes with resource management and strategic decisions leading up to the clean up phase at the end. It is very satisfying to see your drone fly off and leave the perfectly peaceful landscape you restored.
I did feel somewhat conflicted when choosing the difficult options though, I feel like the strategy adds a lot, but I also think playing it on easy might add freedom to be more creatively expressive with how you want the land to look at the end.
There is also an in-game book that serves as both manual and encyclopedia and the artwork in there is amazing, do spare a moment to check it all out, there are some gorgeous diagrams of buildings and more details.
Just the premise had me hooked, and they pulled off the concept very well. Even if I do echo the sentiment that it feels a bit short, it is still a very rewarding experience and a chill moment worth delving into.

Reviewed on Apr 09, 2023